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Work experience


Business and Marketing Consultant

Martin Information Technology

Conceptualized and delivered business and marketing products and strategies by working closely with clients and customers to determine needs and formulate solutions; analyzed competitive company information and product data, provided direction, and planned and maintained project schedules; interfaced with senior management and vendors to ensure peak performance; orchestrated complex product plans utilizing market intelligence and other tools to create innovative solutions; hired, trained, and managed large project teams from 3 to 30 with P&L responsibility.

Selected Achievements:

  • IBM – Identified over $20 Billion in new opportunities for more than 40 worldwide services, used customized market research to identify and quantify market opportunities by country; worked on contract as a Worldwide Market Intelligence Analyst.
  • Lenovo – Created and developed $100 million three-year business case, competitive analysis, pricing, and revenue projections for worldwide online SaaS help desk services; worked on contract for Lenovo as a Worldwide Product Marketing Manager.
  • Federal Aviation Administration – Managed production of 5,000+ pages of new materials for 26 Air Traffic Control Centers on how to operate, maintain and repair $500 million in power systems; hiring, training and managing a 30-person project team over a 3-year period.
  • Martin Info Technology – Achieved sales over $100,000 in first year by pioneering and financing development of new online software for document imaging database and workflow software, supervised programmers and developed worldwide reseller program.



NC State University


NY Institute of Technology


Bill Fletcher

"I highly recommend Jim as a seasoned, personable and highly capable writer.

Jim has the ability to sift through mountains of technical details and craft the exact message appropriate for the audience. He writes effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences, always meets deadlines and provides good value in any project."

Chuck Pecnik

"Jim Martin worked for me in the Marketing Intelligence organization of IBM and Lenovo.

Jim always did an excellent job analyzing competitor products and strategies and providing the right recommendation to the product teams. Jim has great business, technical and marketing skills.

He would be an excellent asset for any company."

Tracy Barney

"Jim and I worked very closely together on a number of critical projects. Our work involved business concept and plan development and required a great deal of business analytics and intelligence which Jim developed. Jim did an outstanding job with this work.

He was always accurate, thoughtful, and his work ethic and the quality of his work was outstanding. He always had a positive attitude and was a great team contributor.

I completely enjoyed working with Jim and would recommend him without hesitation."

Mel Dubovick

“Jim worked as an independent contractor and was very effective in not only meeting my expectations but exceeding them.

He could analyze large amounts of complex data and formulate clear and concise conclusions and recommendations. His presentations to senior division management were well-thought out and insightful.

He would go beyond the basic requirements of an assignment to view opportunities for how the division could improve its competitive position, lower its costs of operation or achieve higher customer satisfaction. He was a very positive asset and was able to express himself in a clear, concise manner. This business relationship existed for several years.

Jim would make an outstanding addition to any organization that needs someone with strong ambition, the ability to analyze complex problems and have the vision to understand what is needed to improve the situation. He is very well versed in both written and oral communication and has my highest recommendation.”

Bob Dieterle

"Jim has deep IT product and services marketing insight. He helped me greatly in positioning the pricing, features and value of a new differentiated service into the US consumer and small business segments."

Terry Bryant

"I have known Jim for nearly five years and worked with him on numerous projects and teams.

His intelligence, determination, and hard work inspire everyone around him to reach for their best. Jim has an uncanny knack to see important details that few people see. He has added value to our organization in countless ways as he has unselfishly shared his time and talent to help serve others.

It has also been my privilege to get to know Jim's wife and children and see how he has invested wisely in the people around him. I cannot imagine a challenge that Jim would not and could not meet head on."

Phil Huber

“This is a strong positive recommendation for Jim Martin who I have known for ten years. In the last year and a half we have worked closely together on a project called Asbury Community Network.

Jim has demonstrated his excellent creativity and problem solving skills multiple times on this project. Many times he has developed and presented programs in a positive manner. He frequently brings his business experience, adaptability and computer skills to bear on the task at hand. In short when Jim accepts an assignment I know it will be completed in a creative, professional and timely manner. He would be an excellent asset to any organization.”

Ted Donnelly

“Jim is a versatile business and marketing leader who is adept at understanding complex customers and markets and is skilled at developing innovative strategies. Having worked with Jim on several committees, I experienced and appreciated his thought leadership, business acumen and professionalism. Jim would be an asset to any company looking to deliver superior business results in a competitive market.”

Recent Article


Marketing Director / Marketing Manager / Product Manager


"Positioning Organizations and Products for Success"

Creative marketing guru with BSEE and MBA in Marketing and Strategy: Utilized research and analysis to identify over $20 Billion in new opportunities and developed innovative strategies and launch campaigns, effectively positioned and branded over $10 Billion in new products and service offerings against competition, and maximized revenue and profitability. Conceived winning solutions for a diverse base of over 100 businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s by applying strong planning skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and harnessing broad technical knowledge

Marketable experience: Built and managed cross functional teams, applied leading-edge technologies, negotiated major deals, authored business plans, directed start-up, helped clients grow revenues for hardware, software, and services, worked with manufacturers, chaired civic and social organizations, served on non-profit boards, planned fund raising programs, published newsletter articles, published over 20,000 product-related pages, multimedia screens, and websites; currently writing a book on “Positioning for Success”

Areas of Expertise

• Marketing Consulting • Business Development / Strategy • Leadership • Project Management • Research • Business Case Analysis • Market Intelligence • Competitive Analysis • Product Positioning • Product Development • Product Launch • Marketing Communication

Honors & Awards

  • Business Leader Magazine’s Who’s Who List of Leaders in Raleigh/Durham
  • U.S. Registry of Who’s Who Among Business Executives
  • Sterling’s Who’s Who List of Leaders in Raleigh/Durham
  • Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Triangle Future 30 Award and CEO Roundtable
  • Westinghouse Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Westinghouse Marketing Communications Award

Groups & Associations

  • Vice President and Board Member, Hangin' on Faith Ministries
  • Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Instructor
  • Asbury UMC Capital Campaign Marketing Director
  • Asbury Community Network Group Steering Committee
  • Eagle Scout
  • Order of the Arrow (Vigil Honor), National Distinguished Service Award

Selected Quotes from "Positioning for Success" Book

“Knowledge is a powerful thing. Understanding these basic marketing principles will position you and the organizations that use them to better meet your goals and succeed in business or in life. Times and tactics change but the basic marketing principles and the strategic direction described in each chapter are timeless." – Chapter 1:  Introduction: What is Marketing?

"An organization’s goal should be to achieve its purpose – its reason for existence that drives all important decisions.” – Chapter 2:  Visions and Values

“Michael Dell, like Henry Ford, knew that if he could lower the price of PCs such that it undercut IBM, he could sell more units. And that’s exactly what the direct business model did along with help from superior supply chain techniques. Throughout the years history shows that business models that are marketing-oriented have outperformed models that are engineering-oriented.’  - Chapter 3:  Company

“Understanding who buys your products or services is one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing. A sale doesn’t occur until someone provides a product or service that someone else is willing to pay to obtain.” – Chapter 4:  Customers

“Direct competitors are organizations that sell products or services that your customers can buy in place of yours. Indirect competitors are organizations that sell products or services that compete for the same money as yours. For example, a company might be the only bakery in town and have no direct competitors but the local ice cream shop becomes its indirect competition when the customer buys ice cream for dessert instead of cake.” – Chapter 5:  Competition

“Merrian-Webster’s Online Dictionary describes an opportunity as “the potential to advance your cause in a small or big way.” The pioneers at Apple combined the external events of technology and people’s needs to advance their cause. It was akin to the Latin roots that define opportunity as “a wind blowing toward a harbor.” Apple’s ship was coming in and it seemed all they had to do was to use their instincts and the brilliant developments started by Wozniak to seize the moment.” – Chapter 6:  Opportunity

“Strategy and goals when combined with the vision and values define an organization’s purpose, direction, what it strives to accomplish, and how it plans to do it. When these four elements are chosen wisely they can define the path to success.” – Chapter 7:  Goals and Strategy

“Companies with multiple products generally develop product portfolios.  To create a balanced portfolio, related products are designed to appeal to various customer segments and are distributed across the product life cycle. Portfolios help to diversify risk and balance income streams.” – Chapter 9:  Product Development

“A good positioning strategy highlights the unique selling proposition and anticipates the projected reaction from customers. Another factor in positioning is differentiation, which is defined as how a product meets a customer’s wants and needs and is unlike the competition’s product.” – Chapter 10:  Positioning