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My name is James Seidenburg and I am 18 years of age.  I am currently enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi seeking a major degree in accounting with a minor in computer sciences.  At my high school, I graduated number ten in my class and had a 4.0 grade point average.  I have completed numerous amounts of community service in my lifetime.  Such examples include delivering food to the less fortunate for the Christian Food Mission, raising money for different causes affiliated with school functions, and also helping out with World Changers.  World Changers is a program associated with churches where individuals go to an area recently affected by a natural disaster or even just an area that is struggling and help rebuild a neighborhood or a house.  In my experience I, personally, helped rebuild a roof that had a hole in it and was severely leaking into the house.  My father presently owns an accounting firm called Molloy-Seidenburg Co., and I have helped him at his work many times and have experience with the jobs and duties of a CPA, or certified public accountant. Also, I have done various odd jobs growing up and helping out anyone when they need help.

Work experience

Odd Jobs

Maloy-Seidenburg & Co.

In my experience around this job I have completed random odd jobs and helped out around the office.  I have loaded papers, shredded, and ran errands for Doug Seidenburg.



University of Southern Mississippi

Presently I am currently enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi with a dual enrollment at Jones County Junior College. I am a freshman and aspiring to acquire a degree in accounting with a minor in computer sciences. At Jones County Junior College I am taking English Composition II.