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Work experience


Manufacturing technician

Dynojet research, Belgrade MT

My job here at dynojet is to prepare dynojet power commander boards and wire harnesses for production. That includes removing and adding of resistors and capacitors of many different sizes. Building and reworking wire harnesses. This position has very little supervision, I am a Lead and am often working and directing one to two people at a time to get things done correctly and in a timely manner. 


Production Assembler

NOV Intelliserv, Provo UT

Intelliserv brought downhole drilling operators real time drilling data. I ran a surface grinder to ensure steel rings would meet a specific size for fitting in downhole drilling pipes. 


Production Assembler

SGM Biotech, Bozeman MT

When I was at SGM they manufactured an indicator that would be applied to a restaurant's or hospital's sterilization process to ensure equipment was being properly cleaned. My job was to inspect the indicators for defects, add a label to them and prepare for shipping. 


Volunteer work

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I was not in the workforce but I was working as a missionary in San Bernardino, California. We did our work with little to no supervision.


Production Assembler

Dynojet research, Belgrade MT

Dynojet research makes a product called a power commander which alters the fuel and air ratio of an engine. I worked on the assembly line to manufacture these products. These tasks included soldering wire harnesses to electronic boards, loading and testing firmware, assembling the product and preparing for shipping. 



High school diploma

Belgrade High school

Graduated in 2005



I would consider myself to be creative and to think outside the box when it is called upon. Often it is not about working harder but smarter. 


I find working as a team can be incredibly rewarding, you have the opportunity to learn more from others than you can yourself. When I am training someone on a specific process I always tell them that if they can improve my process I'm always open to hearing what they have to say. When you have good solid teamwork in place, it creates an environment for cooperative gain; for the company, employees and the product or service they offer. However, that said I have absolutely no problem working alone as well. 


In my current position I have to constantly adapt to changing work paces, being taken off and on projects on a seconds notice and being able to come back and pick up where I left off. Adaptability isn't only necessary but vital. 


As a lead my leadership duties consist of training new employees to solder, instructing those assisting me on procedures, running job orders to keep production flowing, keeping records on employees accomplishments for upcoming reviews. In my area we work hard to do an outstanding job, I hold those who work with me and myself to a high standard, when we fail, I take responsibility for it and work with those under me to make corrections to resolve the issue. I am thankful for these opportunities and hope to receive additional leadership tasks in the future. 

Conflict Resolution

I have not been involved in many of these. For me personally, if I have a problem with someone I will just talk to them about it. I know that we tend to feel that we spend more time at work than at home with family, and because of that conflicts will happen at work. I try to get along with everyone, I don't like gossip. The way I look at it, you don't have to be your coworkers best friend, but you are getting paid to work, I expect myself and others to get along well enough to work together. As for conflicts with leadership, I have had disagreements with leadership, it's my belief that I can voice my opinion but at the end of the day, what they say goes, I respect that.


I work with very little supervision and I get my work done correctly and in a timely manner. 


I can understand written and verbal communication without a problem. 


I'm fluent with computers and what I don't know I can be taught. 

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