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Sep 2008Present

Management Science

University of California, San Diego

Considering Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology

Work experience

Jun 2009Sep 2009

Mathematics Tutor

Self Employed

-  Able to specialize a learning regiment in high school level mathematics tailored towards the          middle school student-  The middle school student was able to learn Algebra One, Geometry, and Beginner Algebra Two in three    months

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Accounting Intern

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

-Organized and Sorted in excesses of 2000 mails sent daily to the museum

-Kept an account of and charged an average of 400 donations sent to the museum

-Assisted the Lead Accountant in keeping copies of monthly reports


To demonstrate my comprehensive leadership experience and my diverse skill and interest base to affirm my desires and commitment to join Alpha Kappa Psi.





Biological Sciences - Recieved a score of 5 on AP Biology, 790 on SAT Biology Subject Test, took two courses in Biotechnology and two courses in BIology in high school. Also considering Molecular Biology as a second major.

Sports – Interest in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Weight Lifting, Soccer, and Tennis

Leadership Experience

Missionary, Rancho De Sus Niño’s                                                                              06/ 2005 – 06/ 2007        -  Spent 3 consecutive summers doing missionary work for an orphanage in Baja California,  Mexico-  Traveled to multiple cities (Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali) around Baja California distributing food and water to churches in the area and constructed additional churches to support the ministry-  Taught a group of Mexican orphans at the orphanage -  With a team of around 40 missionaries, built multiple buildings such as cabins and classrooms for the orphanage    Counselor, Bay Area Youth Leader Association                                                            08/ 2009 – 08/2009-  Led a group of 10 high school students to learn about teamwork and building relationships-  Assisted teachers during teaching sessions for periods of up to two hours


Biotechnology Lab Work
- Able to do multiple standard biotechnology procedures with given protocols such as plating of E. Coli, Heat Shock of E. Coli, DNA ligation and Gel Electrophoresis, and Western Blot. - Able to extract and analyze various DNA lengths in Gel Electrophoresis extracted from E. Coli - Able to analyze protein size and weight from various animals on Western Blot.
Microsoft Operating System
-  Have used Microsoft since childhood. Able to use Microsoft Office Programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. -  Also able to troubleshoot problems that appear on the operating system from various program and system errors. -  Familiarity with computer hardware
-Have played Guitar for over 5 years
-  Took 3 years of Spanish in high school. Used Spanish as a tool during my missionary work in Baja California, Mexico
Able to speak korean proficiently. Took 8 years of korean language school during elementary to high school and 1 quarter of college level Korean course