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You May Need And Want Me To:

  • Revolutionize Operations
  • Engage in Brand Building
  • Direct Multi-Unit Operations
  • Lead Creative Services Team
  • Envision, contract, market & manage entertainment
  • Handle Internal Communications
  • Design & implement Internal Motivation & Sales Incentives
  • Visualize & Orchestrate next Convention/Event
  • Assess Leadership Team and Plan to Win
  • Consult with HR, Communications, Operations, Training & Creative Services
  • Be part of your business start-up Leadership/Creation Team

I'm an experienced executive + world traveler, as comfortable and effective in the Crew room as I am in the Board room. I climbed from the ground up in one of the world's premiere corporate environments. I have old school values with a forever young spirit that makes me fun and easy to work with, especially for those that want and can handle the truth.

I'd value the opportunity to talk about how I may be able to contribute to your success.

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Vision * Objective * Mission * Awesomness

"Vision without action is merely a dream.  Action without vision just passes the time. 

Vision with action can change the world." -Joel Barker

Objective:  Productively engaged in meaningful work that contributes to

the achievement of desired results.

Mission: Create Experiences that inspire, inform, empower & motivate people

to be their best - both personally & professionally.

Awesomness: 100%              

"What is awesomeness? Awesomeness happens when thick — real, meaningful — value is created by people who love what they do, added to insanely great stuff, and multiplied by communities who are delighted and inspired because they are authentically better off. That's a better kind of innovation, built for 21st century economics." Don't worry about measuring it, Just Be It!

Can Do / Will Do

Value Proposition Headlines: Creative, Energetic, Profit-Driven, Principle-Centered Leader Ignites Organizational Focus Best use of my skill-sets & experience = leading creative professionals engaged in:
  • Operating a Restaurant Chain or a Resort Hotel/Casino
  • Producing Entertainment and Large, Incentives - Conventions - Events
  • Consulting on breakthrough strategies for negotiating unprecedented challenges
My Magic = Visualizing a Future Picture, assessing what's necessary to make it happen, developing the Plan to Win, then assembling & leading teams to achieve desired results. I have championed this brand of enthusiastic, contagious success time & again. It's how I roll; it spells FUN and engenders a real sense of purpose for me and everyone involved. News Flash! Messages are NOT conversations!! As marketers we need to stop thinking in terms of "campaigns" but rather start thinking in terms of interactive "conversations". The world has shifted from passive consumption to active participation. It's a fundamental change in the way we communicate and it's not a fad... it's here to stay!

Guiding Lights

I'm guided by many:

Experienced Leader



    Results-driven Omni Executive motivated to contribute broad scope of noteworthy experience in

Business Development, Operations, Training, Branding, Fiscal Administration, Human Resources and

Event Production toward actively supporting a dynamic organization in optimizing performance.

Senior executive with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, rapid-change and long-standing environments. 

Extensive experience with highly-engineered systems, which require understanding of critical business drivers, in multiple markets and industries; highly successful in building relationships with top-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas and delivering on great expectations. 

Customer-focused, innovative and performance-driven.  Responsible for the development and motivation of teams impacting more than 585,000 employees and P&L results of business zone with 2,600 restaurants, exceeding $4 billion in annual sales.

Operations Management Business Growth Strategic Planning

Performance & Quality Standards Branding & Promotion Customer Satisfaction & Allegiance

Leadership / Team Development P&L Management / Budgeting Supplier Relations

Change Management Strategic Partnering Staffing / Training / Retention

Multi-media Production Product Development & Integration Incentive & Event Production

Select Skills


Picture this... Business as usual in shades of gray, everybody's "working hard" but results are falling short of potential.  Let's imagine all that could be; start adding color and breathe some life into to the scenario.

Assess, Innovate, plan to win, budget, fund, communicate, train, motivate and align thoughts, emotions and actions to realize the Future Picture - just as visualized. I share this skill with the most effective and valued leaders, it comes naturally to me and it's how I roll.

Profit Booster

Effective steps for improving business profitability are analogous to filling a water bucket. 

When the bucket is not overflowing, something's wrong.  Waste and pilferage can cause leaks.  Sometimes there's just stagnation and evaporation from the heat of competition. Too much dipping into and not enough pouring into can cause a deficit. Slackers must find the joy of contributing more or the door.

Experience in Operations Management and Consulting have yielded expertise in the best, most efficient ways to plug leaks, improve water pressure and keep the bucket overflowing into the company coffers.

On my watch, making $ = security + Fun for all contributors.


I've learned from the best, over a long period of time, that engaging and utilizing experts can be effective and productive.  I don't have all the answers, reinventing the wheel is wasteful, learning from your own mistakes is an unnecessarily high price to pay for education and anyone can contribute a great idea.



Personal Success = The ability to be happy & enjoy your life - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Holistic Wealth = Family + Mind + Body + Spirit + Friends + Financial

Based on these formulas, I'm a personally successful, holistically wealthy (and lucky) guy that plans on being engaged in service to others, all the days of my life. 

Achievement Highlights

  • Envisioned and led a team of 50+ to brand, develop, fund and produce the $25 million "Manager's Peak Experience," contributing to McDonald's rebounding North American performance. Now established as a biennial global event attracting 16,000+ McDonald's Managers impacting communications, hiring, retention, motivation, training and development of McDonald's restaurant Management world-wide.
  • Established McDonald's "Partners in Paradise," national sales driver for U.S. Owner/Operators - 80% of U.S. incremental sales were generated by the top 20% of winning Owner/Operators.  See videos under "The Director" in the right column and at the bottom by clicking on the PiP logo.
  • Sanctioned by National HR, created and led the Restaurant HR Systems department.  Many of the procedures, manuals, incentives, compensation, media and materials produced remain in use by McDonald's World-Wide.


Mike Roberts - CEO, LYFE Kitchen ♦ 630-399-6237

Dr. Vincent Pisani - CEO, Behavioral Consultants Inc. ♦ 773-631-7053

Paul Adams - President, Providence St. Mel ♦ 773-410-1576

Mike Donahue - CEO, Donahue Trust Management ♦ 630-441-8080

Stephen Grogan - Operations Exec., EWM Investments ♦ 702-737-7646

Mickey Markoff - President, MDM Group, ltd. ♦ 954-649-4707

Mike Roberts, Dr. Vincent Pisani, Paul Adams, Mike Donahue, Stephen Grogan, Mickey Markoff


"Motivational Management", Dr. Vincent Pisani ♦ Behavioral Consultants International, Chicago, IL

"Change Management", Dr. John Kotter ♦ Harvard Business School, Boston, MA

Prometheus Academy, Venturist premier Strategic Planning and Execution education program

McDonald's Partner, lifetime achievement, Board-sanctioned recognition

Professorial Certification for full curriculum at Hamburger University, Oak Brook, IL, Certification

 Master of Human Resources, Oak Brook, IL, Certification

President's Award: achieved by < 1% of outstanding performers

"Performance Assessment", Dr. John Furcon ♦ University of IL, Chicago

Thank You From The Bottom Of My CV

I appreciate your time spent and hope you found something of interest & value.

Drop me a line @ [email protected] - The Best Is Yet To Come...

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