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Nov 2009Present

Lead Plumber

Rowland Unified School District


Associated Builders and Contractors of Southern California


In addition to his responsibilities as Lead Plumber for the Rowland Unified School District in California, James Ferraro of Monrovia assists the district carpenter and performs all welding tasks in the approximately two dozen buildings the district operates. These duties are secondary to Ferraro’s main job, though, which is the maintenance of the plumbing systems in each of the facilities.Some of James Ferraro’s routine responsibilities include such tasks as clearing out clogged drains, sewers, and water mains as well as providing routine service to the restroom facilities in all of the district’s buildings. Most of the facilities also include commercial-quality kitchens, and Ferraro holds responsibility for the water plumbing and gas lines. Another of his routine maintenance jobs is ensuring that all drinking fountains are in good working order. As the holder of a Journeyman Plumber’s license, James Ferraro’s responsibilities also include some more complex duties, such as the repair and replacement of boilers and water heaters. Ferraro also holds certification as a backflow tester and service provider. Backflow testing is a critical operation conducted to determine if wastewater is flowing back into the system and contaminating the drinking water supply; when cases of contamination are discovered, Ferraro, as service provider, makes all necessary repairs. James Ferraro learned the skills and technical knowledge necessary to qualify as a licensed Journeyman Plumber in an apprenticeship program operated by the Southern California chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. In this four-year program, Ferraro completed a rigorous course of classroom instruction coupled with on-the-job training provided through employment with Spar Plumbing & Heating of Garden Grove. James Ferraro, a fitness enthusiast, enjoys participating in team sports such as baseball and football; he also counts camping and swimming among his recreational activities. He worships near his Monrovia home at the Committed Fellowship of Baldwin Park in California.


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