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At 7 years old I was forced into piano lessons during my school lunch break.  After a few weeks and much protest I began to fall in love with music.  I dated guitar throughout high school and proceeded court guitar and vocals at Excel School of Performing Arts.  Years later and bands later I left my Garageband Hobbie setup to pursue Audio Engineering at Mainz with the intention of spending the rest of my life with audio.

I'm currently completing an internship at Envy Studios (Previously Auckland Audio) while finishing off my Diploma in Audio Engineering.  I have experience recording bands in professional studios and recording location audio on set for student films.  I have mixed audio for film and animation, and have also mixed songs for bands as well as produced music for student short films.

I am quick to learn and enjoy working in team environments where I can support creativity.

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Bar Staff

Elephant Wrester Gastro Pub

At Elephant Wrestler I mastered the perfect Heineken pour, made pretty good coffee and delivered awesome customer service.

Aug 2012Present

Location Recording/Post Audio Engineer

Mara Yambo (FIlm Student at SAE)

In August I assisted Mara Yambao with her student definitive film,. I recorded all the audio to a portable digital recorder and then mixed it down to the final edit.  Duties have included booming dialogue and foley on site, and in the studio and mixing the captured audio with production effects and music.    

May 2012May 2012

Assitant Engineer

Project Studios

I helped as Assistant Engineer at Project Studios for the live sessions recorded for Kiwi FM over New Zealand Music Month.  Under the supervision of Engineers Rahu Vause and Andrew Greerton I helped set up instruments, place microphones, liase with clients and make sure they are comfortable, give ideas and opinions to the Head Engineer and general help in all other practical areas.

Sep 2011Oct 2011

Music Composition and Production

Color Me Love - Short Film

Color Me Love is Sama Woods final project for her Director and Screenwriting Diploma.  The film is about a man who's family looks happy on the outside but when tragedy strikes the cracks surface and eventually tear the facade apart.  It's about the search for happiness, purpose and hope. 

I composed, programmed and performed all pieces.

Color Me Love has been entered into the Cannes Film Festival and is subject to conditions preventing me from showing the film before it is played at the festival.

Oct 2011Oct 2011

Music Composition and Production

Being Brian - Short Film

Heidi Jeynes the Director and Screenwriter student at South Sea's Film and Television School comissioned me to write a theme track for her Short Film final project 'Being Brian' when she struggled to find any music on the school libraries that supported her vision.

Being Brian is a quirky story about a boy who becomes aware that he doesn't quite fit in at school prompting him to

confront his over-protective parents who reveal he is actually years older than they had been telling him.  Brian, furious, leaves his small home town in search of his identity.

I composed, programmed and performed the track 'Being Brian Theme'.

Jun 2011Jun 2011

Work Experience

Sky Television

During my time at Sky Television I sat in on the Post Audio sessions helping to record voice overs, add music and effects and mix the audio for various promotional videos.

Apr 2009Feb 2011

Logistic Porter

University of Waikato

What does a porter do exactly?  That was my first question at the job interview.  Our team made sure that anything within or coming in to the University got to the right place, on time.  I organized jobs with clients through email, phone and often discussing in person.  I'd identify the clients needs, book them into our calendar and organize the most efficient and practical way of getting it done.

Apr 2006Apr 2008

Installation Specialist

Noel Leeming Group

I worked as part of a delivery team organizing delivery schedules, delivering goods, installing goods (televisions, home theaters, DVD recorders, etc.)  and storeman work.  I am very confident installing HiFi systems and showing the customers how to use them.


Certificate in Contemporary Performance Music

Excel School of Performing Arts

I furthered my guitar and vocal skills and started recording on an old Roland DAW.

Feb 2012Present

Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production

Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand

I am currently in my second year at Mainz.

I have chosen to focus on post production and music production.

Feb 2011Nov 2011

Certificate (Distinction)

Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand

During my first year at Mainz I:

-  Tracked bands, including Roach and This Flight Tonight

-  Mixed songs using both outboard rack units and plugins

-  Composed tracks to industry driven briefs using both Logic 9 and Pro Tools 9

-  Physically edited and spliced tape tracks

-  Performed my own compositions for other students to record

-  Performed, recorded and programmed all post audio for a animation provided by Freelance Animation School

With extensive courses covering a wide range of subjects including sound wave theory, acoustics, microphone technology, production techniques, speakers/amps, live sound, effects processing, dynamics processing I have a strong foundation to the start of my Audio Engineering Career.


Tom Anderson

Tom supervised and assessed our band recordings at MAINZ.

Paul Streekstra

Paul is a lecturer from MAINZ who assessed a large part of my course work.

Sonny Te Karu

Sonny was my supervisor at the University of Waikato and knows thoroughly the work I was able to produce while employed there.