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About Me

James Buehler      

            Age:29 6'1" 155lbs.  Snowboarding 17 years..  Originally from Sioux Falls South Dakota... Grew up playing soccer on club and international levels. A late bloomer of sorts.. Always a natural athlete i just took longer to mature than most people. I Moved to Utah to snowboard 10 years ago..  It was always my dream to move to the mtns. and snowboard for the rest of my life.My First few seasons were spent living at Brighton resort and now residing in Park City UT.  The past 4 seasons including this season i have been able to work hard in the summers to take the winter off from work to focus on snowboarding.  I have a house in Jeremy ranch known as the "Paradise house". My goal with the house is to give younger shredders from my hometown and other places a place to get started in Utah for cheap and a place to crash for friends from all over the globe. Its not so much of a party house.. More of a get shit done house.....

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Goals/Plans for 2013/2014 snow season

My 13/14 is plan to ride tons of powder.. Meet new and better people to ride with and explore/more.. Last season between Utah and Chile i put in over 100 days in the back country via snowmobile and split board.  I am in a position to travel where ever it snows this season if Utah doesn't get hit hard.. If Utah does get hit i will be filming with Croshane Hillyard as much as possible in as deep of snow as possible.. I have never made my own part and I want to have a banggger this season..   I will be sending my current sponsors photos and  short .mp4 edits every couple weeks via email.   If it doesn't snow in Utah :(  i will be traveling to where ever it does..!  AK or BUST...  One of my other film edits i would love to put out is a powder day in the city one of those 3+foot storms in any city doesn't matter it just has to be deep..  Other than that i love riding everything and can get shots in every type of environment..  I would like to compete in the North Face Masters again but my budget wont support the cost this season..... I am always up for new ideas and working with new people.. Last but not least I want to continue being a good influence to kids from my home town and other that follow me..  may be cheesy but being a part of the snow community back home is very important to me..   Check my insta @buehlersdayoff to see exactly what ive been up to.. Ive been working.. Basically i want to do what I've been doing just better. 

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Auto Mechanics (mechanics in genral)
Ive rebuilt fast cars and trucks since i was 14 its a hobby and i love to race..
Film and Photography