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As the founder, President, and Medical Director of the Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles, James Bicher, MD, brings nearly five decades of medical experience to his practice, which focuses on the application of heat, Hyperthermia, to treat and kill cancerous tumors. One of the world's leading clinics committed to hyperthermia and the largest in the United States, the Bicher Cancer Institute features a team who has found success in pairing hyperthermic processes with other cancer treatment methods, such as Low-Dose-Radiation. In many cases, studies have found radiation to be twice as effective with the addition of hyperthermia as compared with radiation treatment alone.

James Bicher, MD, and his staff of highly trained medical professionals heat a tumor to around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and, in the process, they oxygenate the blood and cancer cells with localized hyperthermia machines. Blood circulation also increases in this process which makes cancer cells more susceptible to destruction by radiation. The Bicher Cancer Institute's research has shown that cancer tumors, in comparison with healthy tissue, are more sensitive to radiation and more susceptible to die with higher oxygen levels. Therefore, the application of hyperthermic treatment tends to allow tumor targeting with minimal damage to surrounding body parts.

James Bicher, MD, notes that hyperthermia results in low occurrence of unwanted side effects, in relation to conventional cancer treatment methods. For example, prostate cancer treatment combined with hyperthermia does not expose a patient to becoming impotent, unlike many conventional treatments. However, James Bicher, MD, adds that hyperthermia alone does not effectively combat cancer. Instead, the procedure serves as a supplementary process to reduce the amount of radiation needed to subdue cancer cells. James Bicher, MD, notes that heat serves as the body's natural response to infection, as in the case of fever, so introducing heat to cancer treatment makes sense.

James Bicher, MD, founded The Bicher Cancer Institute based on his extensive career working and teaching in medicine. He earned his Doctor of Medicine from the Hadassah Medical School at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to his work for his clinic, he serves as a founder and past President of the North American Hyperthermia Group; President and founder of the American Society of Clinical Hyperthermic Oncology; and a Senior Consultant at the Beritashvili Institute of Physiology for the Georgian Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Georgia.

James Bicher MD President Bicher Cancer Institute

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