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James Field

Computer Technician & Social Media Manager


I have over 10 years personal experience in both IT and PC technical operations. I have a vast knowledge of using many types of computer hardware and software across several operating systems from the oldest to the newest and can also troubleshoot vast quantities of problems. I have recentley completed a training course in social media consultancy so that I can reach out to a wider audiance.

Work experience

Freelance Computer Technician


I have worked on many types of computers on and off for the past decade trouble shooting many problems involving both software and hardware. I have undertaken many tasks from sorting through music and sound files through to helping the customer to understand how to use their own PC.


Social Media Managing Online Course

Online Website

Completed in November 2015. Here was where I learnt about becoming a social media manager. I learnt how to understand about contacting the client, establishing a good reputation with the client, understanding the projects that need doing, working to a simple and fair timeline and then submitting the final work ready for payment.

BTEC Level 3 In Computer Technician

Kandoo IT

This was a course I did from 2013 to 2014. Here I learnt more on how to understand the inner workings of both desktop and laptop PC's I learnt how to diagnose problems based on the sound the hardware made through to safely removing faulty hardware and replacing it with new hardware.

GNVQ Foundation In Science & Technology

Leeds College Of Technology

This was the college I attended from 1996 to 1997. Here was where learnt how to use several types of software programs from data entry to document image processing all the way through to creating stunning document presentations.

Btec 1st Diploma In Printing

Leeds College Of Technology

I attended this college from 1993 to 1994. I learnt how to compose documents and pictures on the Apple Macintosh System through to producing negatives all the way to prepping up the printing machines in order to produce the final work.

No Qualifications

Victoria Park School

This was the high school I attended from 1990 to 1993.


Hardware Trouble Shooting

Being able to identify problems such as replacing new hardware through to inserting a new screen.

Software Trouble Shooting

Being able to identify and solve problems such as virus problems to human error.

Windows OS Implementation

The OS stands for Operating System. I have excellent knowledge of using such systems from Windows 95 all the way upto Windows 10.

Media File Managment

This simply involves the synchronisation of files from CD file format to PC format such as MP3, WAV, WMV etc.

Basic Picture Editing

This involves using Paint a windows built in program that has been in use since the days of Windows 95.

Word Processing

This involves the ability to type out documents at a fast rate even if it is using 2 fingers.

Document Preparation

This involves the use of words and pictures alongside formatting of fonts and sizes of the texts involved.