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Work experience



I have had many jobs in many different fields. I am a fast learner and will do any job if given the proper training and equipment. I have a Class A commercial driver's liscence with a hazardous materials endorsement (which requires an FBI background check). I am legally qualified to operate any motor vehicle on the road with the exception of motorcycles and passenger buses. I have done Street Department work and light contractor work before. I have also been a manager in fast food restaurants more than once (one job was fo 3 years).  In closing, I am a "jack of many trades" and can do any job you need done if I recieve the proper training.

Oct 2005Jan 2009

Truck Driver

Star Transport, Inc.

As an over the road driver, I was respnonsible for the safe, timely, and legal pickup and delivery of loads, communicating with customers - both shippers and consignees, maintaining accurate and detailed paperwork, occaisional unloading of the trailer, light maintenance on the vehicle (fluid levels, tire air pressure, etc.). I also had to know the current Dept. of Transportaion regulations and follow them properly.

Mar 2004Oct 2004

Shift Manager

Rally's Hamburgers

As a Shift Manager, I was responsible for the cash safe during my shifts, training new employees, supervising the crew members, working all positions (including all food prep and customer service positions) in the store in a fast accurate manner, counting and preparing the deposits for my shift and the whole day's deposits on nights I closed, handling customer complaints politely, etc. 

Mar 2000Sep 2000

Sales Agent

SBC Operations

I handled in and outbound customer calls to sell products and services to existing and potential customers of the SBC (now AT&T) family of companies. I started in the wireless (cell phone) department, selling to customers in California and was transferred to the long distance service department selling to residents of Texas. My sales were input into a computer program. All I had to do was talk to the customer, make a sale, input into my computer and the rest was handled by another department.



I had family issues requiring me to leave school early and I acquired my GED in 1999. I have not attended college. I have no objection to college. There are just no careers that I am interested in that REQUIRE a degree. I cannot afford college tuition on my own and have no desire to incur an unnecessary debt by taking out a student loan for a piece of paper.


I am interested in learning for its own sake. I would go to college if it was free, but I am not going to pay out of pocket for something I do not need. I also like to read and write. Movies and music round out the list of hobbies. There are others, but these are the main ones.


My objective is to find myself a secure job that will allow me to settle down and start a family. I am 28 years old and am tired of "wandering" from one minimum wage job to another or travelling as I have been doing for the last hree years as an over the road truck driver. It is too hard to build a family or a stable life when you live on the road and have no idea when you will be home next. I have no objection to relocating as long as I will be able to settle down in the new city.


I am a hard worker and willing to do almost anything. I prefer jobs where I am in motion opposed to desk jobs, but I can do anything I am trained to do. I am a fast learner and will go through any training you have for any position available.


Hazardous Materials endorsement

Department of Transportation and the FBI
Feb 2012

Class A Commercial Drivers License

State of Missouri Department of Revenue