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Work experience


President & CEO

Compositre Building Structures, Ltd

Mr. Antoinic's work is creating a new paradigm in building and construction. 

          Since 2002, this new building approach evolved through research, development, and the creation of patents surrounding the core of the new business technology.  His system was designed and implemented as a green alternative to the traditionally costly and slow building systems.  Multiple patents underpin a licnese network business structure.  The products sold by the network are not composite parts but the entire protective building envelope assembled, transported, and erected in-place by CBS for builders to finish and deliver. 

          Buildings are assembled in a network of panel assembly plants that have taken licenses of the CBS technology, based on aeronautical composites, which offer important benefits for building owners for the life of the building.  Panel plants automate the assembly of any size or style of building improving the building and lowerin the cost.  This is the first time that a high production assembly line will build custom homes in the construction industry.  With composites designed to fit together making all walls straight, plumb, and square, this is another first for the construction industry.

          Mr. Antonic recruited a senior leadership team and resources to achieve integrated manufacturing using virtual Construction Technology Campus (CTC) concept where window, door, and part suppliers were co-located with the panel assembly plants instead of the traditional single company trying to make everything.  Using economies of scale, vertical integration, and strategic alliances to achieve significant market penetration for the first time in the building industry, Mr. Antonic also established the license and joint venture methods for accelerating production and sales CTC locations. The CTC concept, composite parts, and the panel assembly building system is well accepted domestically and internationally as the system to overcome housing deficits, rebuild devistation, and provide affordable homes - worldwide.


President & CEO

International Market Development Group LLC

Hands on Operational Consultancy for strategic, start up, and management to profit of technology intensive companies

Work Area: Japan & Southern tier of US States -- Residence – Japan & Florida

ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY, Inc., Fort Myers FL – Project:Assemble operational team for manufacturing composite building materials as acting President and COO for the newly formed company.  Unpaid – work product belongs to IMD Group.

FUTURISTIC WORLD WIDE HOMES, LLC, Fort Myers FL Project: Draft and negotiate international contracts for composite building system and provide valuation data for their patent’s worth.Unpaid – work product belongs to IMD Group.

SunAce Company Ltd. Nagoya Japan -- Project: Setup, supply, and guide startup of mobile home factory in Japan following market acceptance of products imported from Indiana.Awarded certificate by Lt Governor of Indiana for assistance.Built park trailers using panels & supplied all raw materials.



IMD Group Inc.

Foreign market penetration strategies, set-up, start-up, and management-to-profit for

technology intensive companies

Work Area: Major World Markets -- Residences - Japan, Illinois, and Florida

Unique project work for more than 55 clients · Businesses setup and run in 40 countries · Sales to over 100 countries · Wide variety of industries · Projects usually required competitive analysis, sales potential estimates, cash flow analysis, penetration alternatives, business plans, risk assessment, penetration strategies, foreign negotiations, agreement drafting, design of offering package, problem solving, technology training, sales training, and project management until successful.

Typical examples:

SAFETY-KLEEN, Elgin IL -- Route automotive & industrial solvent service business (grew faster than McDonalds in USA for 18 consecutive years)

Problem: Japanese licensee withdrew from the business after 18 months with only 200 customers spread across 3 branches

Solution: · Found Japanese buyer to take over the business· Negotiated sale to new licensee· Directed new licensee for 36 months· Opened 7 branches across Japan· Daily hands-on management, training, and rework of US systems for Japan· Phased out as when licensee had 2,000 customers

TECHNICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, Div. Dunn & Bradstreet., Barrington, IL-- Maintenance training through 145 self-study technical books.

Problem: Wanted foreign sales with few expenditures

Solution:· Costs paid only from profits on sales over longer set-up time· Set up distributors in 22 countries· Conducted worldwide workshops, expositions, and seminars· Doubled sales each year for 5 years· Phased out whendivision was sold

TOYOTA, Columbus, IN -- Manufacture of fork lift trucks

Problem:Needed to source quality parts for their newUS factory

Solution:· Found and qualified casting and machining suppliers prior to new plant openingBought truckloads of castings, machined, and arranged delivery· Taught just-in-time KANBAN system to suppliers · Supplied all cast parts bought in US during their 18 month start-up operations· Phased out when their purchasing team was hired and trained

LA-MAN Corp., Hamilton, IN -- Manufacture of cost effective filter/dryers for compressed air

Problem:Good product & patents with no growth in US

Solution:· Negotiated and drafted manufacturing license· Negotiated and drafted patent acquisitions· Ran foreign sales for the IMD-Japanese joint-venture licensee · Set-up and trained distributors throughout Europe, Asia, and Pacific Rim·Grew sales from $0 to $6.5 million USD (5 times the US sales level) in 5 years· Phased out when network was established and operating.

BELL & HOWELL EDUCATION GROUP, INC. (DeVry),Evanston, IL1978 – 1980

General Manager - International & Industrial Operations

Work Area:Africa, Middle East, India, Indonesia, & Philippines-- Residence - Barrington Illinois

Administered electronics train-out to students at 700 industrial companies · Monitored and invoiced overseas training · Managed and controlled $1.2 million USD Saudi Arabian and Nigerian military training contracts in US · Closed inefficient $8.0 million USD home study electronics training business · Created DeVry curricula license profit center · Quoted $58.0 million USD in training projects to foreign ministries · Wrote requests for funding, worked through committee, and had approved a $52.0 million USD Asian Development Bank grant ·Phased out when management abandoned international commitments


1976 – 1978

Managing Director

Work Area:Europe, South America, America, & Japan--Residence - Newcastle England

Established network of 35 associates in 16 countries · Sold sporting goods, medical disposables, and machine tool modules · Company spin-off sales for water treatment and medical prosthetics companies · Marketing leader of LBO team acquiring $35.0 million USD farm equipment manufacturer · Set-up sales for 5 Japanese company consortium · Put in abeyance when managing international business in client’s name.

1968 - 1976DELTA OIL PRODUCTS COMPANY, INC. - Milwaukee, WI

Manufacture of 175 specialty chemical compounds used in metal casting

Helped a 40 employee company grow sales from $8 to $23 million USD in 8 years as one of their 5 managers ·Authority, budget, and responsibility for all new projects. · Made and implemented company plans · Learned formulae, manufacturing and laboratory tests · Phased out when family company was broken into 5 separate companies lacking critical mass

Vice President - International Operations1973 - 1976--Work Area:Europe--Residence - Brussels Belgium

Negotiated licenses in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands· Negotiated 3-company joint-venture to manufacture under license in 7 European countries· Created a European profit center·Learned EEC law and competition· Taught manufacturing, control, and sales to licensees· Advisor to Swedish and Japanese licensees

Product Manager 1972 - 1973--Work Area:8 States--Residence - Wadsworth Illinois

Developed line, territory, distributors, and direct men·Doubled sales each year·Introduced new metallurgical products with 85% first call close rate

Territory Manager 1971 - 1972--Work Area:3 States--Residence - Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Turned around territory that had lost 80% of its sales through plant closings· Increased sales 300% over sales levels before closings· Consolidated & collected receivables· Appointed and trained distributors

Technical Representative1970 - 1971--Work Area:2 States--Residence - Davenport, Iowa

Increased sales to top 100 accounts by 400% in 2 years· Lowest cost of sales in the company· 80% of sales Fortune 500 companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, General Motors, and White Farm Equipment.

Manager DEMASCO Div.1968 - 1969-- Work Area:1 State--Residence - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Secured 53 lines to sell· Opened 305 accounts · Profitable in 2 quarters after start-up· hired and trained replacement

1967 - 1968JAMES P. ANTONIC SUPPLY CO.-Milwaukee, WI

Warehouse and supply for foundry industry

Owner--Work Area:Wisconsin--Residence - Shorewood, Wisconsin

Started company with no capital · Broke even in 2 months · Profitable in 4 months · Increased sales at a rate of 50% per month · Merged company into Delta Oil Products Company, Inc.


Agent for silica sand

Salesman--Work Area:Milwaukee--Residence - Shorewood, Wisconsin

Paid back draw in 6 months at 5% commission · Owner didn't transfer promised shares so I started my own company


Cartographic analysis & topographic map production training for all allied armies

Operations Coordinator --Residence-- Annandale, Virginia

45 weeks cartographic training · Managed and coordinated a 200 man plant producing accurate topographic maps used during combat · Part of U.S. Government Coast & Geodetic Survey


Mr. Antonic background includes 26 years as President of IMD Group LLC, a company that has set up market penetration strategies for 54 American manufacturing companies and several foreign manufacturing companies in a variety of industries and has run the implementations of those strategies hands-on until profitability.Profitability has taken no longer than 3 years in America and Europe and no longer than 5 years in Asian countries.He has structured turn-key proposals for foreign ministries, obtained funding from the Asian Development Bank; administered technical training projects for the Saudi Air Force, the Nigerian Army, and at in-plant locations for American companies.

During his career as an outsource market penetration specialist, he has drafted, negotiated, and concluded 3 joint ventures and 19 licenses in addition to starting up distribution networks and representative agencies in 39 countries with sales to 105 countries.Projects always included responsibility and authority for running the penetration on a stand-alone P&L statement and training client's personnel to take over and run the successful business after reaching the previously agreed upon fade-out point.

Mr. Antonic has set up chemical manufacturing plants in 7 countries and the largest park trailer (small mobile home) panelizing factory in Japan.That plant grew to major market share due to 35% factory cost reductions in both raw materials and labor input by foreign sourcing materials and modification of production techniques for higher throughput.

Mr. Antonic has lectured about practical international penetration marketing in Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, at the American Management Association, the Cast Metals Institute, the Georgia World Congress Institute, at several universities, and has published many technical papers used for new market penetration and technical papers fundamental to understanding how things work leading to patent innovations.

He is listed in various “Who’s Who” publications; in England’s Men and Women of Distinction; was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Anglo-American Academy in Cambridge; and speaks 3 languages.

Mr. Antonic has held memberships and positions in the MIT Enterprise Forum, the Japan Management Consulting Association, International Trade Club, World Trade Association, the Licensing Executives Society, the American Marketing Association, the American Foundrymen’s Association, and is a past national director of the Sustainable Building Industry Council (SBIC) for development of buildings “Beyond Green”




1970 - 1980Legislation Task Force - International

Trade Club - Chicago, IL

1967 - 19753 Technical committees, & Membership Chair

American Foundrymen’s Society - Des Plaines, IL

1972 - 1975President - Oak Brook Hounds Fox Hunting Club

1979 - 1980Men of Distinction Biography - Cambridge

Fellow of the Anglo-American Academy

- Cambridge England

1978 - Present

Who’s Who: In America, In the World,

In Finance & Industry, & In the Midwest biographies

1980 - 1984LECTURER

-American Management Assn. Chicago, IL

-- Marketing

Georgia World Congress Institute - Atlanta GA

Foreign Market Development

Harper, Elgin, Elmhurst, & McHenry colleges –

Department ofInternational Trade - Product

Development Strategies, Market Penetration

1980 - 1984SPEAKER

-Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia,

-Nigeria, India, & America

-Maintenance Workshop/ Seminars

-Market Penetration Overseas

1970 - 1974INSTRUCTOR

Cast Metals Institute - Des Plaines, Illinois - Organic

binders, Inorganic binders, & Refractory coatings


2003 - Present Sustainable Building Industry Council – Washington DC

Faith in Action Evangelistic Team – New Orleans LA


1999Good, Better, Best Building Techniques for the

Manufactured Home Industry

1996Re-engineering needed to sell mobile homes in Japan

1995Using the Internet for Business to Business Operations

1994Maintenance Repairs using Metal Filled Epoxies

1992Activating "F" Fly Ash with Chemical Reagents for

use in Concrete Admixtures

1990Rethinking Compressed Air Drying Mechanisms

1989Recapturing & Using Heat Energy in Rice Drying


1988Interactive Food Packaging

1986Understanding Magnetic Shielding

1984Self-Paced Technical Maintenance Training

1980Tuning Electronic Training to the Needs of

Developing Nations

1979The Workbook for Consultative Selling

1978Developing the Business Plan (Patents to Prospectus)

1977Evaluating Mergers and Acquisitions

1976Refractory Coating Eutectics

1975Thixotropic Rheology

1974Heat Set Organic Oxidizing Binders


1982 - 1991Japan Management Consulting Assn

1978 - 1982International Trade Club, & World Trade Assn.

1977 - 1979LicensingExecutives Society

1969 - 1971American Marketing Association

1966 - 1978American Foundrymen’s Association

1967 – Present Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

2001 – National Association of Homebuilders

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

American Composite Manufacturing Association

Building Industry Association

Building Systems Council

Florida Green Building Coalition

Partnership for Advanced Technology in Housing




U.S. Patent Office