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Work experience

Jan 2010Dec 2013

Receiving Associate/Overnight Stocker

Wal-Mart #0119
  • During the three years I was with the company I not only stocked the shelves at night. I became well cross-trained in every department, (grocery, consumables, GM)
  • Working the floor as an associate mean to always go the extra mile for the customer. Whether its making sure that box of cereal is in the right place so a customer can buy it, or helping them find it with Inventory Control, the customer needs to feel like it can depend on a store to have what it needs when they need it.
  • Stocking the freight from pallet to shelves, recycling the trash, and then putting away overstocked merchandise was the primary focus each and every night.
  • Once all new merchandise has been worked, we run the picks. Same as any other freight.
  • Last, we would spend whatever time we had left at the end of the night to zone (or face) the items to the front of the shelves. Each morning we would do this to the entire store almost as if we had a grand opening.



Pallet Jack Proficiency
I moved pallets from one end of Walmart to the other every night using a manual pallet jack. I used one every day at work and became quite good at parking a pallet out of the way.
Microsoft Office Suite/Typing
I grew up with a keyboard in my lap and a mouse in my hand. If its a paper needing written, spreadsheets, powerpoint, etc. I had to learn it. Outside of the classroom, my typing prowess developed itself with the help of Instant Messenger, and a couple years playing World of Warcraft. It clocks at ~65-80 wpm.


Cindy Wade - Owner Wade's Refrigeration

Work - 1(870)793-9004 Home - 1(870)251-1419