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James Queenan

Computer Information Systems


To contribute to society and do his very best.  He would also like to make a living from this career and progress in life.   He wants to obtain a job in computer information systems.  

Work experience

January 162015

Theft Shop

Phi Theta Kappa
  • Helped with folding clothes
  • Carried luggage
  • This was a voluntary service
Jun 2013Present


Joshua Camp
  •  Junior councilor occupation.  
  • Help younger campers with their activities and staff with the camp.  
  •  This includes setting up the tables, serving, escorting, refilling coolers, carrying luggage, and supervising.  
  • This is a volunteer work not a job where one can get paid.  
  • Still counts as it creates a work related environment
Jul 2010Jul 2012

Leader In Training (LIT) 

Camp Kodiack
  • He has supervised campers in various activities and helped them.  
  • This includes rock climbing, horseback riding, kayaking, and high ropes
  •  He even served juice and cookies after swimming hour at times.  
  • He helped in setting up the wreck hall for movie nights and announcements.  
  • He even helped campers on their activities and gone over rules.  
  • This is also a non-paying job, however this person has not had one before and volunteer work does 


Aug 2013Present

Associates Degree

Longview College
  • Have yet to graduate.
  • Learned advanced software applications, basic components, c++ programming, Linux, networking fundamentals,  and Object oriented programming.  
  • Been on time everyday
  • Has earned mostly As and Bs.  
Aug 1999May 2013

High School Diploma

Lee's Summit West High School
  • He earned this graduation from lee's summit west high school.  
  • When he entered the lsr-7 school district in 2007, it was ranked the 7th best education system in Missouri.  
  • Never was late or missed a day
  • Rarely was sent to the principal's office in this district.  This was only in the 8th grade.  
  •  Learned about software applications, graphic designs, IT technicians, digital communications, and digital media
  •  Senior year was all straight As in his classes


  • He is aware of networking devices
    • Hubs
    • Switches
    • Routers
  • Knows about protocols associated with networking
  • IP addressing
  • Understands wireless connection
  • Has understanding of subnetting
  • Knows how to configure DHCP
  • Knows basics of troubleshooting
  • Knows what class a network is by IP address
  • Knows the basic connections to use
    • Fiber optic-for light waves
    • Twisted pair for devices
      • RJ-45 for digital
      • Rj 11 for analog
    • coaxial for electrical signal
  • Familiar with basic network types

  • Can easily add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
  • Can solve equations.  
  • Can simplify radicals.  
  • Solve areas and perimeters of shapes by formulas.  
  • Familiar with synthetic division.  
  • Can solve quadratic expressions
  • Can solve fractions
  • Can also simplify fractions
  • Can create graphs
  • Knows how to create tables
  • Can create quires based on criteria
  • Create forums 
  • Generate reports
  • Cross references
  • Sorting data alphabetically
  • How to display certain fields in a query.
  • Knows about groups
  • Familiar with commands on creating users and passwords
  • Knows about basic directory folders
  • Knows basic commands for downloading files
    • yum to download yellow dog modifier files
    • dkpg to download Debian packages
    • apt-cache to extract information on files
    • apt-get to download and install files
  • Knows how to change ownership and the mod of files
  • Knows how to organize files 
  • Familiar with programming files 
  • Knows how number codes reflect permissions to users, group, and outsiders
    • For example, xwr-wr-r means that the user can execute files while reading and editing them at the same time.  wr means that the group can edit and read file but not execute it.  r means that the outsider can read files but not edit or execute them
    • He also know that 4 means execute, 2 means edit, and 1 means reading.  
  • Is aware of how to monitor create simulations of storage devices and creating them.  
  • Knows how to monitor user activity in networks.  
  • Knows what commands to use to know which user one is on in the operating system
  • Knows how to set variables in the environment of a user's computer
    • For example, changing the variables of what operating system and software applications will be available for a user when they log in
  • Despite this he only used Linux for a class and has so much to learn despite getting an A
  • Know about
    • themes
    • transitions
    • animations, color, slide type, sound transition, and recording slides.
  • Can trim and edit videos inserted into said slides. 
  • Decides best option for contrasting colors
  • Has used PowerPoint so much he is all too familiar
  • Know about font size, style, paragraph format, and header/footer tab.  
  • Know how to insert in-text citations and insert references.  
  • He is also aware of grammar-checker and auto correct.  
  • Know how to establish a works cited page
  • Knows how to create required works cited format by selecting the options in the reference tab
  • He can format the paragraph line spacing
  • He can set up flyers to any description
  • Has used this software many times for homework



Phi Theta Kappa Member

Phi Theta Kappa
  • He earned this honor ship for having a GPA over 3.5
  • Proves how intelligent he is


Dean honors role 

The dean of long view college
  • He earned this by having 100% participation in classes and not being late
  • He also completed his homework on time and received mostly As and Bs
  • Never got in trouble in college


Dean's Honor Role

Dean of Long view college
  • Earned another award for maintaining a GPA over 3.5
  • Also earned by high participation and attendance in classes
Jun 2014Jun 2014

Busiest Camper

Joshua Camp
  • Did many tasks for camp Joshua as a JC.
  • He swept the floors, took out the trash, escorted campers to and from places, set up the tables, refilled coolers,  carried luggage to and from the cabin, and participated with other campers.  
  • This is how James earned the award