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I am a professional Unity Developer with 8 years' experience of developing 2D/3D games and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Products.

Skill Sets: 

Unity 3D :

  • Script language : C#, JS ( mainly C# )
  • UI : NGUI, UGUI (recently use UGUI rather than NGUI)
  • Experienced Platform : Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, WEB, WP
  • Unity Shader and effects :  Vertex Magic, Diffuse Shading, Lighting Models, Mobile Shader Adjustment, Screen effects using Unity Render Texture ,Reflecting, Shining with Specular, Effects using Texture Blending, Packing, modifying UV values…
  • Optimization in Unity 2D, 3D game
  • Game Algorithms :  FSM, Sensor System, Flocking, Swarming, Path finding, Path Following and Steering. Nav Mesh, Behavior tree, Locomotion, Random and Probability in AI.
  • Third Party SDK integration, Unity Plugin , SDK build

Augmented Reality

  • AR Engine :  Prior experience of developing AR Engine
  • AR Platforms :  Vuforia, Metaio, Wikitude, ARLab SDK integration with Unity , iOS, Android
  • Features : Geolocation based AR, Image Recognition, Tracking Cloud database, Face Tracking, Modeling QR code Recognition, AR movie, video Custom Camera Cature, AR Gaming.

Virtual Reality

  • Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Google Glass, Samsung Gear VR
  • VR 3D Video Player ( SBS, Over Under 3D Video , 360 degree)
  • Motion Sensing ( Leap Motion SDK, Kinect, Extreme Reality ) 

Other Skills:

  • Mobile app (iOS, android, WP) development.
  • Computer Graphics : 3D rendering, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX, Shader programming. OGRE engine, 
  • Pattern Recognition : OpenCV, Augmented Reality, OCR, Motion Detection
  • Video Streaming, Multimedia Processing : FFMPEG, VLC, 

Work History


Game Developer


Online Game Engine - Jindo Engine development.

WarRock FPS Game development.



Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Competed in two Game Jams. Won the award for “Best Replayability” in both


Passed courses for Game development and Basic Mathematics.

Programming Languages ( C, C++, C#, Java, Java Script, Delphi,  Assem)

Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Digital Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition,

Project Management, Algorithm and Data Structure, DBMS (Database),

AI ( Artificial Intelligence),  Software Engineering. Computer Network.

Malthouse App - Augmented Reality

Brewery App using Augmented Reality

Unity, Vuforia, Cloud Reco, Image Recognition, AR Video Play(alpha channel)

Social Media, Photo Sharing, Event, News

Craftnation App -Unity, Augmented Reality

Brewery App using unity

Augmented Reality, Cloud Reco, Video Streaming, youtube Video Play, 3D model Animation, Social Sharing , Payment Gateway, WebView, Google API, Event Tracking, Push notification

Footy Face- Off - Unity 2D Trivia Game

Social quiz game developed with unity 2d,  Social Sharing, Game Center, Facebook, Multiplayer, async.

Final Fantasy- Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, Vuforia, C# , Unity3D, 3D animation

i Chicken - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Experience

Unity 3D, Google Cardbaord, Oculus Rift

"I, Chicken" uses the most cutting-edge virtual-reality (VR) hardware available to immerse participants in a world in which they can flap their wings, communicate with chickens, and engage in other forms of natural chicken behavior.

Balloon Shooter (iOS) - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Online Shooting Game for iOS/Google Cardboard

Unity 3D, Google Cardboard, iPhone Game, Online Game, Server Interaction, Leaderboard.

DebrisDefrag (Clone) - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Shooting Game, Google Cardboard, Unity 3D,

VR Video Player - Virtual Reality 

VR SBS(Side By Side) 3D Video Player 

VLC, Video Streaming, Unity, Oculus Rift

Bubble Garden Blast

Bubble Shooter Game,  Unity2D

3D Peasant Run Infinite Runner

Infinite Runner Game, Unity 3D

Bull King Of Circus  -  Unity 3d racing game

The new play-style 3D racing & action game that it is easy to control, has thrill sense and has been getting hi-ranking of download.

Kick  the Ball - Unity3d

Kick the Ball (3D)!-free/id721400933?mt=8

VR 360 Degree Video Player

Virtual Reality , Google Cardboard, Video Steaming, Unity, 

Car game -Unity 3D

Simple Car Racing Game, Protoype , Unity 3D, C#