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James Manfro

Route Jumper

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Route Jumper

USA Uniforms

USA Uniforms is my current place of employment. Currently I am a route jumper which means I cover truck driving routes while other employees cannot cover their own shifts for various reasons. I am a handyman for this company as well, and perform tasks such as running machinery. For example, a skid steer. Also, I assist with folding clothes and preparing laundry items to get ready for the delivery trucks for the following day. 

Jan 2015Present

Small engine mechanic

JM Small Engine Repair

I fixed small engines and repaired lawn equipment such as lawnmowers, weed wackers, vehicles, etc.





Problem Solving

I believe there's always a solution to every problem. Finding ways to save time and energy while still being efficient is something that comes naturally to me. 

Automotive Repair 

I enjoy working on vehicles and learning new things about cars and trucks.  I help many people fix their vehicles and its something I'm passionate about.

  1. Communication is a major part of every day living.  I feel that I am able to communicate and understand things well and I am never afraid to ask if I don't understand something. Knowledge is extremely important to me!

I am able to drive automatic and manual transmission vehicles of all sizes. I am good with directions and finding places that I need to go.