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Work experience


Assistant Passenger Conductor

Amtrak St. Louis, Missouri

Safe movement of trains by adhering to applicable operating rules/practices. Oversight of all on-train employees in service delivery by adhering to the Corporation's service standards. Submission of various reports to record movement delays, unusual occurrences, passenger inconveniences, and mechanical defects. Boarding and detraining of passengers, baggage, express shipments, and mail. Making customer service announcements. Ensuring all revenue documents(cash, credit card receipts, proof of payment) are collected/verified in accordance with designated tariffs. Ensuring safety of passengers and crew by adhering to safety rules. Thinking and functioning independently utilizing clear and effective verbal communication skills to interact with passengers, crew members, and others jointly responsible for safe and efficient train movements and customer service. Working in either a passenger or non-passenger operation(including yard duty and work trains). Securing movement orders and ensures clear understanding by operating crew. Ensuring pre-determined service requests are understood and carried out. Maintaining understanding of operating characteristics and practices including physical characteristics, safety rules, air brake rules, electrical instructions, equipment trouble-shooting practices, and emergency procedures. Physically moving between and around train cars manipulating and lifting heavy air hoses and electrical cables. Safely riding the side of train equipment, getting on and off equipment, as required. Providing information about train service to include passenger connections. Making special arrangements in case of service failure. Ensuring each passenger has the proper fare. Ensuring safe and orderly passenger conduct. Demonstrating an understanding of what makes up the elements of quality customer service. Interacting and communicating professionally with passengers and co-workers under all types of circumstances. Demonstrating a demeanor and well-groomed appearance that conveys to passengers a sense of competence and complete professionalism. Understanding and totally complying with Amtrak's Uniform & Grooming Standards when engaged in performing passenger service.

May 1990Nov 2013

Security Forces Supervisor

USAF-Michigan Air National Guard Battle Creek, MI 

Provided day-to-day shift supervision and direction of military and civilian security personnel. Provided safe, relevant and realistic hands on anti-terrorism training scenarios for on-duty personnel. Enforced standards of conduct, discipline, and adherence to laws and directives. Developed plans, policies, guidelines, procedures, and detailed instructions to implement Security Forces programs with the clear intent to deter terrorism. Planned, organized, and scheduled Security Forces activities. Implemented the security reporting and alerting system. Provided verbal/written counseling as well as quarterly and yearly performance appraisals. Supervised protection and security of multi-millions of dollars in highly sensitive equipment/resources and high profile personnel resulting in zero loss of assets. ADDITIONAL WORK DUTIES (Preformed in conjunction with Primary job listed above)

Jun 2003Oct 2013

Client Support Administrator

Executed equipment installation, peripherals connection, installing/deleting of client level software. Setup client level software, modified software configuration, and discharged basic configuration management functions. Maintained administrative/technical control over Unit's entire Information Technology Assets, responsible for developing/implementing the unit's long term Information Technology program goals.

May 2003Oct 2013

Electronic Security Systems(ESS) Manager

USAF-Michigan Air National Guard

Maintained administrative hands-on technical control over $2M+ Intrusion Detection System(IDS). Installed Closed Circuit TV cameras, coax cables, fiber routing, and troubleshot issues providing quick resolution. Developed local training/certification standards for system operators and responsible for developing the long term program goals. Conducted briefings/meetings, directed and supervised ESS personnel on multiple shifts.

Jun 2006Dec 2011

Inventoried, inspected and performed operational checks on each equipment item annually. Ensured unit requirements were compatible with planned and existing systems, and technically feasible. Kept equipment and ancillary items on hand to maintain normal operations and for unscheduled contingencies. Implemented a unit-level customer education program, using training materials. Briefed unit-level users annually on the monitoring and consent requirements, briefed users on the proper use of equipment.

Jun 2003Dec 2011

Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)

Electronic Security Systems(ESS) Base Defense Operations Center(BDOC)

Supported/implemented the wing Information Assurance Awareness Program(IAAP). Safeguarded information systems and information against sabotage, tampering, denial of service, espionage, fraud, misappropriation, misuse, or release to unauthorized persons, and information against unauthorized disclosure, destruction, or modification.

Jan 2000Dec 2011

Base Defense Operations Center(BDOC) Manager

USAF-Michigan Air National Guard Battle Creek, MI 

Responsible for management/training of personnel and continuity of operations. Created/upgraded the Quick Reaction Checklist's(QRC's) and the Security Forces Desk Blotter for daily and contingency uses Updated antiquated operations center into state-of-the-art systems

Apr 2009Nov 2009

Defense Biometric Identification Coordinator

64th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron (Deployed Duty Assignment) Eskan Village, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Assisted Site Security Manager(SSM) with overall DBIDS operations, management, supervision and training. Trained/helped DBIDS Registrar with registering individual's personal data/biometric information/correct authorization profile(3, 000+ processed). Trained users with operation of Biometric equipment that is utilized as part of the Installation Access Control Program. Trouble shot and fixed or replaced equipment. Provided Site Security Manager and other leadership with information needed for briefings. Reorganized and revamped processes in place enabling a more user friendly setup for processing individuals. Created multi-functional data base products for ease of input and efficient searches.

Mar 2002Jun 2002

Flight Sergeant

384th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron (Deployed Duty Assignment)/Middle East Central Command(CENTCOM) Shaikh ISA Air Base, Middle East  

Rotated supervisory responsibilities with five other Master Sergeants in the leading of 120+ Security Forces personnel from six different bases Supervised all aspects of the base defense operation, including vehicle search area Kept personnel morale high under adverse conditions, ensuring mission success Instrumental in the training and orientation of new base defenders Provided direct support/protection of 800+ sorties with multi-millions of dollars in highly sensitive equipment/resources resulting in zero loss of assets. Mobile Response Force Leader(when not acting as Flight Sergeant)

May 1990Dec 1999

Unit Supply Manager

Base Defense Operations Center(BDOC)

Implemented supply procedures which resulted in 100% recovery and accountability of individual and organizational equipment. Processed ordering of new equipment and turn-in of damaged and/or obsolete equipment. Reorganized and implemented new standardized processes for streamlining equipment issuing, storage, turn-in and recovery. Instituted major equipment upgrades for both personal and unit uses. DEPLOYED WORK EXPERIENCE

Jul 1985May 1990

Grinder Operator/forklift Driver

Acoustic Technologies Marshall, Michigan   

Grinder Operator/Forklift Driver Reprocessed left over product debris by shredding and grinding into a reusable form. Utilized forklift(propane powered) to move crates of product debris to shredder operation then took crates of grinded product to staging area for reuse after it was processed through the grinder operation.


Aug 1981Jan 1985

Associates Degree

Kellogg Community College

Pre-Engineering Transfer Program (1981-1983)

Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice (1983-1985)