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Work experience

June 2017

Lead Software Engineer

Systems & Technology Research
May 2010May 2017

Contract Software Engineer

Digital Prospectors Corporation

MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Surveillance Systems

  • Turned around failing team to produce control system for radar low-cost multifunction radar demonstrator.
  • Mentored teams adopting scrum and agile methodologies, advising on story selection, size and task definitions yielding an average 20% increase in team velocities.
  • Developed software to steer phased array radar and conduct real time data capture.
  • Architect of distributed M&S system used in modeling TCAS/ACAS encounters and spectrum use in airspace.
  • Developed human-computer interfaces to support human use of cameras in a remote ATC tower environment.
  • Designed system to emulate camera surveillance at an arbitrary airport using Prepare3D, Java, C++, and Vlc.
  • Led development of a Java based Monte-Carlo simulation used to study requirements needed to certify a surveillance system for use in a remote ATC tower.
  • As scrum master facilitated ceremonies (planning, stand-ups, backlog grooming, retrospectives).
  • Developed an Android navigational display to demonstrate UAS collision avoidance algorithms.
  • Created decision support algorithms, in Java and C++, to predict and alert users to emerging safety situations.
  • Designed DSL, using Groovy, to prototype prediction algorithms in terms familiar to subject mater experts (SME).
  • Created firm real-time microservice using Java, Spring, JMX and JaxB to adapt safety information from ASDE-X radar system.
  • Redesigned ingestion pipeline for flight test data
  • Implemented continuous integration system to produce, test, and distribute libraries to partner organizations.
Dec 2008Apr 2010

Senior Programmer Analyst

Brown University, Computer & Information Services
  • Automated correspondence and meeting minute generation for the institutional review board.
  • Built a timecard application, using Ruby on Rails, to demonstrate use of the Kuali Rice service bus – later adopted by management for department use.
  • Maintained a Java Swing/Web J2EE based research administration system.
  • Performed requirement analysis for OLAP database system selection.
Nov 2003Dec 2008

Software Design Engineer

Alion Science and Technology, ETCG
  • Developed web applications using Java EE, HTML, JavaScript and SQL for submarine information system.
  • Designed and implemented the organization and personnel modules of the NTDPS service oriented architecture.
  • Facilitated a field study evaluating the use of the NTDPS by sailors underway on SSN774.
  • Successfully saved company contracts by completing versions of the Proteus RhinoMarine plug-in for Rhinoceros, following loss of division personnel.
  • As SCM lead created the procedures and infrastructure that contributed to successful CMMI-ML2 & ML3 appraisals.
  • Built a VM Ware infrastructure to provision development and testing systems, saving $500,000 over 3 years.
  • Implemented Ant based build system to streamline release generation and test system deployment.
  • Designed and developed NSIS based installer, reducing product installation time from one week to under an hour.



BSE, Computer Science and Engineering

University of Connecticut

Senior Design Project: Pratt & Whitney Embedded Systems Group, EHDM Analysis Software



Decision Making Under Uncertainty

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

First version of Mykel Kochenderfer's class at Stanford


National Traffic Management Course (50113)

Federal Aviation Administration

This seminar-style course involves a diverse group of aviation professionals in lectures and open discussions of current traffic management philosophy, as well as exploring the roles and relationships of the various entities influencing the daily operation of the National Airspace System. Participants will receive informative briefings from a variety of subject matter experts, review operational scenarios, and be afforded the opportunity to visit the Air Traffic Control System Command Center operational floor for familiarization.



Java, C, C++


JUnit, Ant, Maven, Spring, JMS, JMX, JEE(JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI, EJB), LuciadMap


MySql, PostgreSQL


Windows, Macintosh OS, Linux, Andrioid


Subversion, CVS, Git, Jenkins, JIRA, Scrum


Idea, cLion, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Office, Visio, Magic Draw, VMWare, Tomcat, Toad, AirTOp, Matlab


OpenGL, NURBS, ActiveMQ, Boost

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Association for Computer Machinery

Honors & Awards


R&D 100 Award

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Acas Xu - Airborne Collision Avoidance System Xu provides unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with the capability to detect and track other nearby aircraft and provide operators with safety alerts in order to maintain separation from other air traffic and avoid potential mid-air collisions with other aircraft.


Order of the Engineer


Team Award

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Team Award for contributions to the ACAS-X program.


Team Award

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Team Award for contributions to the MPAR program.


Team Award

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Team Award for contributions to the FAA SNT and TFDM programs.