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James K. Kusy

Experienced Sales Person, Sales Trainer, and Sales Manager

Work History


Associate Director

Always Friends Preschool

My main duties included but are not limited to daily curriculum implementation, care and education, and parent interaction.  The duties of my current position also include I applicable experience to a sales environment.  I greet and interview potential clients.  This includes but is not limited to creating a childcare solution unique to each customer.  During my time a sales point for the preschool I increased our enrollment by 30%


Sales Manager

Wireless lifestyle

I opened the first store for Wireless lifestyle in the Stockton/Modesto area.  I worked as a sales manager while also being accountable for my individual sales numbers.  I hired and trained a sales staff that never missed the store sales goals and often led in many sales categories.  The staff and I assisted new and existing customers utilizing open ended questions and individual solutions for thier personal wireless, television, and internet needs.   I trained and managed my staff to reach out to business customers and required business to business sales.  

I left this business to care for family and help run the family business.


Assistant Sales Manager


I was hired to train staff in and implement an open question and solution based sales strategy
surrounding computer sales and tech support. During my brief tenure we consistently met or exceeded sales goals while consistently understaffed.
Left due to unacceptable work conditions


Retail Sales Manager


Originally hired as a sale representative,  I was promoted to the Sonora store manager position which I led for two years.  During that time I increased sales and customer satisfaction survey scores.  I also, hired and trained several representatives who went on to managment positions.  With that success I wad asked to run 3 other stores in Stockton and Modesto.   I was the lead store manager for trainings and hosted most new product launches.  I left AT&T to care for a family member.


AT&T Sales and Managment Training


On going training programs within AT&T.   Included training on facilitating training of employees.


Early childhood education

Delta College

Completed the requirements to qualify for Preschool Teacher and Preschool Director


Classroom / Office Managment

A strength  to be able to calm and focus a group and reach buy in.  By utilizing active listening and setting clear expectations while inspecting, I have been trained to control and maintaina groups focus.  

Sales Training

I have extensive experience in the open question method of sales, including training others.  Utilizing my experience as a stage actor and a childcare professional I utilize and teach open ended questions with active liateninf techniques.

Reaching buy in from employees/students

The most important of buy in is the W.I.F.I.M. OR What's  In It For Me.  Regardless of the tasks or topic,  clearly setting why the student/employee should embrace and succeed for themselves while also getting understanding of the impotance for others/the company.