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January 3rd 2020

Dear Sir,

Technology profoundly changes the world, but at the current pace of technological change, there are a multitude of these changes that we don't know about until well after we're in the thick of them. While there is nothing that can be done to change that, it is certainly more than feasible to wring strategic advantage out of the dynamism of the modern world rather than reacting to each change as they land on the UK's doorstep. The UK's key issue is a profound incapability of its government to collectively identify, integrate, and harness its own scientific achievements which has led the technological narrative to be siphoned off and governed in other parts of the world despite the discoveries and ingenuity occurring within the UK.

A concerted government effort of pouring money into Research and Development in the areas of indigenous access to space, counter-hypersonics, terrestrial energy storage, and weaponized space could and would likely create at least one new technology enabling Britain to compete on a global scale. I want to get the UK back on top.

Indigenous access to space is absolutely critical. Britain can look to space as the new frontier where it can spread its wings and dominate. The fact that nearly every technology in a rocket and satellite has its origins in the UK is by no means an accident.

Weaponised space is the keystone on which other technologies can be built around. By Britain taking this leap early it will be in a position to defend other partners and offer its services defending western hegemony and free and open use of space assets.

Terrestrial energy storage is a promise that strangely no nation seems keen to harness. By funding the research, and utilising the expertise garnered from the fielding of its use Britain could be the first nation to create a trade in stored energy harvested from the sun and stored long term in the ground, transporting it around the world. Britains diverse soil would be ideal to develop the technologies in.

Counter-Hypersonics is imperative if Britain wants to be self reliant in the twenty first century. Directed energy, boost phase, no one quite knows what the answer is. Britain has the answers, it needs to be harnessed and pulled together as a team to get it up and running, the outcome of which will likely result in its own hypersonic discoveries and fielding.

I have no formal education. I have always worked hard, and accepted offers where the needs are. The UK has a deep and rich engineering history I was forced to leave behind and pursue here in the USA with my family. I want and have wanted nothing more than to see the Lion rise up from its slumber once again, and her citizens reap the rewards after years in imposed shadows of self-loathing and rampant unchecked socialism.

Work experience

Jun 2015Present

Senior Systems Administrator


Started out as a Hardware Engineer rack and stack HP, Dell, UCS chassis and servers with manual configuration and deployment. Volunteered and took over former Systems Administration with on-call as a lone individual following Citrix spinoff and built a team of former colleagues to streamline administration enabling the build out of new infrastructure. Took over Operations IAM continuously tailored it via exercises to ensure IAM vectors were robust enough to buy us time during a significant attack

May 2008May 2015

Sr. Technical Account Manager

L-3 Communications, Vandenberg AFB, CA

Started out as a technician in a decrepit government building, found a niche and owned it. Promoted to Engineering. Hand picked team members, and built a one of a kind lab with that team in 6 months. Began bidding on National Intelligence projects. When we left, our half of the building was completely renovated, and they were left the best equipment in the world. Trained 4 multi-disciplined staff to operate the new laboratory. Personally awarded 5 corporate divisional awards, and two USAF Space and Missile center awards

Dec 2004May 2008

Dynamics Research Engineer

The Boeing Company, Huntington Beach, CA

Invited to join a nationally recognized aerospace centre as a technician, became PoC for dynamic instrumentation to support Orbital Express, X-37B, Shuttle, A160, Orion, NFIRE, Delta IV, Delta II, GPS IIF, GOES. One of seven members of a unique EELV Engineering Field Team with an International 1 hour dispatch. Developed and created dynamic monitoring for new flight hardware and software through rigorous testing and managed its installation on new flight vehicles

Nov 2002Dec 2004

Assembly & Test Field Technician

The Boeing Company, Vandenberg AFB, CA

Assembled, tested, and launched Delta II / IV rockets. Specialized in telemetry, PLC’s, sysops (IRIX UNIX), and other coreferent electronic packages; relating to flight control systems (Electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, cryogenic, hypergolic, and ordnance systems)

Aug 1998Oct 2002

Minuteman III ICBM Field Technician 2M0X2

USAF, Malmstrom AFB, MT

Cageman and prime scheduler for 92 Presidential Reliable Program missileers. Maintained 2 Multi-Billion dollar weapon systems in unpredictable weather conditions at 200 remote facilities encompassing 23,500 square miles. Mechanically and electrically maintained and repaired nuclear payloads