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James Innes Henderson JP

program officer recruitment & Deputy Captain            FIRE & RESCUE NEW SOUTH WALES

Professional Work History

Fire & Rescue New South Wales 
Aug 2018present 


Key Accountabilities

Oversee internal recruitment processes

Develop and prepare best practice and transparent recruitment and selection tools for allocated recruitment activities which focus on delivery and alignment to recruitment strategies and policies

Collect and collate statistical data regarding recruitment activities to support workforce planning

Maintain the e-recruitment system, managing candidates and uploading advertisements

Provide recruitment and administrative support to the bulk Recruit Firefighter Recruitment Campaign

Provide advice and support to managers on matters relating to recruitment, selection and appointment of staff and associated policies, procedures and processes and ensure compliance with Government Sector Employment Act

Undertake on boarding processes

Key challenges

Must maintain a current knowledge of the public sector and internal policy, procedures and legislation that impact on the delivery of recruitment services

Has the day to day independence in managing workflow and setting priorities within approved work programs

Fire & Rescue New South Wales
Sep 2014Present


Statement of Duties and Responsibilities

Attend fire and other emergency incidents providing expert knowledge and assistance commensurate with rank.

In the absence of the Captain lead and direct Firefighters and resources in managing emergency incidents in accordance with protocols, orders. legislation and training.

Assist with Retained Firefighter attraction and recruitment activities, and management of availability, 

Support, mentor and assist with managing retained Firefighters to optimize performance, teamwork, capability reliance and standards. 

Contribute to the continual operational readiness of the station including; assisting with arranging and conducting training activities and exercises to address gaps and maintain and enhance Firefighters skills and the capability of the station. Assisting in managing the maintenance of appliances, vehicles, protective gear and equipment. 

Support the station's community liaison and engagement programs and activities. 

Assist with station administration to ensure finances, acquisitions, assets, reports and returns meet standards and requirements. 

Comply with EEO, OH&S and the Charter of Principles for a Culturally Diverse Society.

Key challenges and relationships 

Operate in dangerous, time-critical situations where lives, property and the environment may be at risk. 

Expected to assist with ensuring prevention education strategies tailored to meet the needs of diverse communities

Challenges are inherent in securing community members interests in becoming a Firefighter and assisting with the management of Firefighter availability.

The management of emergency incidents demands critical judgement and vigilance towards safety.

Firefighting can be physically and mentally demanding, especially during protracted incidents. 

Fire & Rescue New South Wales
Jul 2013Sep 2014



As a Retained Firefighter I am part of a team of some 3,500 well - trained professionals who share a commitment to helping their local community.

Retained Firefighters respond to emergencies 24 hours a day. We are usually staffed on an on-call basis. Firefighting involves night and weekend work and can be at times physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.

Firefighting careers are one of the most important, rewarding and well-respected careers in the community. Retained Firefighters do more than the traditional role of fighting structural fires, other duties include:

Emergency response to structural, grass and bushfires, Rescues and motor vehicle entrapment, Recovery from natural disasters such as hailstorm and floods, Community education, fire safety and hazard prevention.

Firefighters have community spirit and a strong team commitment.

As a representative of a well-respected profession, firefighters the traits that allow us to work under the unique conditions and meet the demands of the job.

These include a high level of fitness, ethical, emotional resilience and tolerance technical problem-solving integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness strong community spirit dedication, commitment and excellent work flexibility and adaptability excellent interpersonal and communication skills being a team player and understanding team dynamics.

New South Wales Rural Fire Service 
Feb 2011Still holding membership


  • Safety Induction
  • First Aid
  • Volunteer Induction
  • Bush Firefighter
  • Village Firefighter
  • Navigations
  • BAO (Breathing Apparatus Operator) 

Education & Vocation

Charles Sturt University
May 2015MID 2019



Psychology of Stress and Trauma 


Humanitarian Relief


Communicating Environmental Data


Emergency Decision Making


Introduction to Emergency Management


Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

EMG 206  Critical Analysis of Disaster Response





Psych Health & Human Services

Leadership and Team Management 

Organisational Management 

Organisational Behaviour 

Fire & Rescue NSW


  • AIPM Captains Leadership and Development Program
  • 2015 Public Sector Young Leaders Conference
  • 2017 Public Sector Young Leaders Conference
  • Former Member of the FRNSW Commissioners Participative Council
  • 2016 FRNSW Recognising Achievement Seminar 
  • 2017 FRNSW Mental Health Seminar
  • 2018 FRNSW/ CAL FIRE, California Disaster Debrief
  • FRNSW ARC-GIS Hydrant inspection pilot program – Facilitator
  • FRNSW Corporate Training - CV & Interview skills
  • FRNSW Corporate Training – Respectful Workplaces, Bullying and Harassment prevention
  • Bachelor Degree of Emergency Management – Charles Sturt University (3rd year)
  • FRNSW Incident Management Systems (IMS)
  • FRNSW Senior Fire Education review - Facilitator
  • FRNSW Junior Fire Education review - Facilitator
  • FRNSW Multi-Agency Leadership Program
  • FRNSW Station Planning System Development - Retained Subject Matter Expert
  • FRNSW Metropolitan North 2 Captains Conference 2017
  • Mental Health First Aid Australia - Certified
  • 2018 Churchill Scholarship Applicant 
  • Retained Firefighter Recruitment Interview Panel Member, Convener & Hiring Manager
  • Incident Controller - Structure Fire 2nd Alarm (Multiple) 
  • Staging Officer - Structure Fire 3rd Alarm 
  • Sector Commander - Hazard Reduction, Structure Fire 2nd Alarm (multiple) 
  • Safety Officer - Structure Fire 2nd Alarm (multiple)
  • NSW Justice of the Peace (JP)
  • NSW Public Sector Mentor - Young Professionals Network
  • Public Service Commission - Recruitment Course
Fire & Rescue NSW 


PUAEME001B Provide emergency care Competency 3/11/2013 31/12/9999
PUAFIR201B Prevent injury Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
PUAFIR207B Operate breathing apparatus open circuit Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
PUAEME002C Manage injuries at emergency incident Competency 3/11/2013 31/12/9999
PUAEME003C Administer oxygen in an emergency situation Competency 3/11/2013 31/12/9999
PUAFIR306B Render hazardous materials incidents safe Competency 31/10/2013 31/12/9999
PUAFIR308B Employ personal protection at a HAZMAT incident Competency 31/10/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A01A Risk management Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A02A Electrical Hazards awareness Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A03A Incident Crew Management System (ICMS) Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A04A Hose rolling and bowling Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A05A Practical firefighting activities Retained Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A06A Wildfire Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A07A Urban fire Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A08A Practical firefighting activities Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A09A Ladders Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A10A Extinguishers Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A11A Practical firefighting activities Competency 29/08/2013 31/12/9999
FREPR1A12A Structural Firefighting 1 Retained Competency 31/10/2013 31/12/9999
FREPP2A01A Inspect and test equipment Competency 1/04/2014 31/12/9999
FRETCS01A Operate BA Competency 9/06/2015 31/12/9999
HLTFA311A Apply First Aid Competency 3/11/2013 28/06/2017
PUATEA004D Work effectively in a public safety organisation Competency 1/04/2014 31/12/9999
HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support Competency 29/06/2014 28/06/2017
HLTFA404C Apply advanced resuscitation techniques Competency 29/06/2014 28/06/2017
HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation Competency 1/07/2017 30/06/2020
FRETCL13A Power saw training Competency 15/03/2016 31/12/9999
HLTAID003 Provide first aid Competency 1/07/2017 30/06/2020
RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights Competency 7/03/2016 31/12/9999
HLTAID002 Provide basic emergency life support Competency 1/07/2017 30/06/2020
MHM Australia 
Jun 20102015


Responsible service of alcohol/ Responsible conduct of gambling

Terrigal high school 


N.S.W government Education and Training



Board of studies New South Wales


Captain David Piper - 460 Station Commander, Fire and Rescue New South Wales

E: [email protected]

Ph: 0413 674 111

Susan McDougall  - Manager Recruitment, Fire and Rescue New South Wales

E: Susan.[email protected]  

Ph: 0419 163 121

Superintendent Jeremy Stubbs - Zone Commander, Fire and Rescue New South Wales

E: [email protected]

Ph: 0400 880 265