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Work experience

Jul 2014Nov 2014


Gibraltar Chimney International

As a laborer, my duties and responsibilities range. I am well rounded with cables, ropes, and chains. My job requires me to rig all of these mentioned. My job objective with Gibraltar is repairing smoke stacks"chimneys". I have worked on concrete stacks , brick stacks, and metal stacks. Both inside and out, including liners, I work from a suspended scaffold and retractable scaffolds. I can rigg and assemble the brackets that suspend these scaffolds and i can also break down and put the pick "scaffold" back together. Operating a jack hammer and building concrete forms is an absolute requirment for this job. So needless to say iI am very skilled at both of those. Running a mixer for the concrete is also something I can do as well. Operating cable and rope tuggers is something we used to transport material up and down the stack. I can also operate those as well.  Working at extreme heights is no problem for me. I have comfortably worked at heights of 400, 500, 700, and 1000 heights. I am OSHA trained and a very safe worker.

Feb 2014Jul 2014


Rivers Contracting

Building and creating strong foundations is what myself and other co-workers do on this job. Pulling all the necessary measurements and marking out the ground by checking grade and elevation is part of my job while working for this company.  Using a variety of tools is a strong point for me. While on this job, I used and operated heavy equipment . A heavy caterpillar and a backhoe was used for digging and transporting dirt and debris. I was responsible for helping wherever needed; digging, trenching and moving dirt. Building and assembling forms for the concrete was another job responsibility When it was time to pour the concrete I helped get the concrete reach the correct elevation by using a rake, shovel and vibrator.Once the concrete settled and became solid"no longer green". I was responsible for finishing the product by using trials and sanding bricks. When the job was complete I was responsible for tearing down the forms that we built and cleaning the job site.  

Mar 2014Jul 2014


Rivers Contracting/International Paper

Driving and operating a dump truck that was built to spread water. I operated this machinery everyday that it wasn't raining. I was responsible for keeping the grounds of international paper soaked to keep the dust down from all the heavy traffic they receive daily. It was also a safety precaution because of all the fire hazards that were at risk. I would safely unload the water on all areas of the mill and then would fill up as soon as load was emptied. I was responsible for the maintenance of truck and all the water parts. I would exchange the hoses when needed.

Jan 2014Feb 2014

Pipe Insulator


Operating scissor lifts and jlg man lifts was a daily requirment while on this job. 100% tie off was a must. Wrapping pipes with insulation that it required and cutting the insulation to fit was the objectivd of this job. Cutting the metal pieces and banding it  around the pipe was the next step to the pipe insulating process. Cleaning and making the finish product presentable to the client was the last step of this job.

Jun 2013Jan 2014


Kellogg Brown And Root

Installing new pipelines and pipe systems.Fabricating and demo was a great deal of my job while working for this company. I was a pipe fitters hand and a rigger while employed. I operated numerous equipment as well. I am very skilled with power tools and demo tools thanks to this job. I learned and gained alot of hands on experience while working for KBR. My job was located at the Maysville Paper mill located in Maysville KY.  I also recieved training while working here. Its mentioned in the certifications below. 


Aug 2001May 2005

Mason County High School




Phil Ramero-Co-worker/Lead man for Gibraltor Chimney (518)744-1288

Jimmy Rojjers-Crane Operator/Forman for PMSI Inc. (606)206-0011

Rocky Zornes-Owner of Rivers Contracting (606)541-5055

Tim Toeper-Vice President Gibraltar Chimney(716)480-7955

Bill Nolan-President of Gibraltar Chimney International(716)876-9195


Dump Truck Operator
Loading/unloading truck
Crane rigging/high loads and ground loads.
Flag man
Flagging operators with correct hand signals
Osha 10 safety
Completed Osha 10 requirements 
Can operate multiple heavy equipment such as a bac hoe, boom trucks, scissor lifts and JLG lifts. Also heavy caterpillars as well.



Jul 2014Jul 2014

Cal OSHA 10-hour

Peter  Rice 66873
Completed a 10-hour occupational saqfety and health training course in construction safety and health
Oct 2013Oct 2013

KBR Workforce development

Kellogg Brown and Root
Certified signalperson, Rigger safety, forklift operator, Genie GS2032 scissor lift operator,JLG 600A articulating Boom lift operator