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Jambon Boats, an international commercial vessel supplier in Louisiana, provides vessels to all countries in an attempt to share the wealth in the oil industry, while bringing the offshore profits back into their local community.

Work experience

Oil and Gas Industry

Self  Employed 

Jambon Boats  self employed oil and gas locations  2001 Jambon Marine Services.




South Lafourche High School

Jambon Boats graduate from South Lafourche High School.



Nicholls State university

Jambon Boats done graduation from Nicholls State university.


This company may provide some of the finest commercial ships for the biggest industries in the world, but its purpose and heart lie close with the community where it is founded. The Louisiana-local company donates to several parts of the Louisiana community, such as the South Lafourche High School to support education. Jambon Boats is setting the example for international companies to serve their community.