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As an advocate for public awareness and education concerning Levantine living and history, Jamal Daniel has used his distinguished position as the head of a successful investment company to further the understanding of the relations between the three monotheistic religions that originated in the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Mr. Daniel is both the President and Chairman of Crest Investment Company, and has over 30 years of experience in investment management in a variety of settings. As the founder of The Levant Foundation, Jamal Daniel has created a means of educating people across the world on Levantine culture and history through a variety of media, such as books, films, and artistic contributions. Jamal Daniel is also the Chairman of the Al-Monitor Board. With a wide array of media partners in Israel, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and the rest of the Arab World, Al-Monitor is an up and coming media website designed to offer new and in-depth coverage of the Middle East. The editors of Al-Monitor choose a variety of articles otherwise unavailable in the English language and translate them, offering English speakers insight and a better understanding of perspectives and current events ongoing in the Middle East. Jamal Daniel was born in Tartous, Syria. He moved with his family to Lebanon, where he received his high school education. He lived in Switzerland for a time, where he attended the University of Geneva, and then went on to California to attend Pepperdine University and earn his BA in Business. Jamal Daniel received his Master's in Business Administration from the University of Texas in Austin.


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