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Well Engineer



    Reading, researching and assessing ideas and finished scripts Building and developing a network of contacts Liaising and discussing projects with financial backers Budgeting and scheduling Controlling the budget and allocating resources Pulling together all the strands of creative and practical talent involved in the project to create a team Organizing shooting schedules Troubleshooting; Supervising the progress of the project from production to post production; Holding regular meetings with the director to discuss characters and scenes; Acting as a sounding board for the director; Bringing the finished production in on budget.    
Developing branding needs, including competitive, channel, and customer intelligence. Developing and implementing integrated brand and communication strategies. Lead medium complexity projects and programs. Presenting complex concepts to leadership and influencing decision-makers. Knowledge and understanding of marketing concepts
  Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders, e.g. customers, colleagues, suppliers and partner organisations Communicating with target audiences and managing customer relationships; Managing the production of marketing materials, including advertisements, billboards, leaflets, posters, and flyers. Writing and proofreading copy Liaising with designers and printers Maintaining and updating customer databases Organising and attending events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions Run brainstorm sessions with clientele and team to develop creative outcomes  
Develop Content & Storyline for World-Class Presentations Develop layouts and graphics to a high-competency Create and edit multi-page/multi-section documents using templates and style sheets for pitchbooks, graphs, charts, presentations and other print/design projects. Proofread completed projects to ensure quality and accuracy. Proficient presenter & moderator for seminars, workshops and conferences Communicate and manage seminar speakers, agenda, and presentations    
Overseeing the production process, drawing up a production schedule (Merlin - Gantt Software) Ensuring that the production is cost effective Making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality Working out the human and material resources needed Drafting a timescale for the job Estimating costs and setting the quality standards Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed Supervising and motivating a team of workers


Sep 1998May 2002


University of Surrey

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Powerful Lessons in Personal Change - Stephen R. Covey

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Zag: The Strategy of High Performing Brands - Marty Neumeier

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The Way We're Working Isn't Working - Tony Schwartz with Jean Gomes

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Switch: How to make change when change is hard� - Chip Heath and Dan Heath

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Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior - Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman

A book for those who want to understand how and why we think irrationally.


Described by my beloved's as caring, generous and fun to be around I like to think I take that attitude to all walks of life and work. I can also be best described as simple, creative, intuitive, relational, and inquisitive.

Currently I help run a small media company; Reality CG. My responsibilities include business administration, project management and marketing. My official title is "Business Director/Creative Strategist'. I'm involved in projects from 3D Animation to Film. 

On a personal preference note I enjoy very much the challenge of public speaking and management facilitation. Some say I'm a fish to water at it and I enjoy both the aspect of presentation content design as well the stage performance. I've got a knack for synthesis and distilling the complex down to dead-simple. I simply love the field of communications. If I had to give it all up and money was no matter - I'd probably focus on the area of communications and human matters - with a speciality in presentation design and giving. As a life-long learner I tend to read on branding, marketing, productivity, communications, management and self-help/psychology. I like to think I'm very intrinsically driven. I love autonomy and purpose to all I do. 

I believe that one day I'll write a Best-Seller but I won't let the cat out of the bag yet. Let's see. 

Seminars & Presentations

  • Presented "Entrepreneurship: A lifestyle choice" @ MCBS - 17/11/2013 
  • Moderated "TEDxMuscat 2013" @ Bait Al-Zubair, Oman - 02/10/2013
  • Presented "The Importance of Package Design" for PAIPED's TRADE UP Workshop Series @ Crowne Plaza - 23/06/2013 
  • Presented "Decision Making & 6-Thinking Hats" for GUTECH, Oman - 16/05/2013 
  • Presented "Creativity Tools"@ MCBS, Oman - 16/03/2013
  • Developed & Presented "Al-Obaidani Pitch to Oman Air"@ Golden Tulip, Oman - 25/02/2013
  • Presented at "5th SME Conference" for MCI & CCI @ OIEC, Oman - 11/02/2013
  • Developed & Presented "6-Thinking Hats" for MCBS, Oman - 16/12/2012 
  • Developed & Co-Presented "The Reality of Running a Creative Company"for The Muscat Youth Summit-IV@ Masannah, Oman - 09/12/2012 
  • Presented "The Reality of Creative Media in Oman"for ITA's Project Graphics @ Crowne Plaza, Oman - 04/09/2012
  • Moderated "TEDxMuscat 2012" @ Millenium Resort Hotel, Oman - 16/05/2012
  • Moderated "1Malaysia Promotion" @ Crowne Plaza, Oman - 29/04/2012
  • Moderated "TEDxMuscat Salon" @ SQU, Oman - 02/04/2012
  • Moderated & Presented at "4th SME Conference"for MCI-DGSME @ Golden Tulip, Oman - 13/02/2012
  • Presented "How to Beat Procrasination"for Knowledge Oman @ MECIT - 17/01/2012
  • Developed and Moderated "Life Balance & Well Being Seminar" for Knowledge Oman @ MECIT - 17/01/2012
  • Presented "The Story of the Amstelveen" to Her Majesty the Queen & their Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of the Netherlands @ Nakhal Fort, Oman - 11/01/2012
  • Presented Motivational Speech for Al-Hayya Group @ Al-Nahda Resort, Oman - 28/12/2011
  • Presented Motivational Speech for Al-Hayya Group @ Al-Nahda Resort, Oman - 27/12/2011
  • Developed and Presented "Creativity & Problem Solving Workshopfor The Muscat Youth Summit-III @ Masannah, Oman - 06/12/2011
  • Developed and Moderated "Youth Leadership & Motivation Seminar" for Knowledge Oman @ MECIT - 19/10/2011
  • Developed & Moderated "Social Media Seminar" for Knowledge Oman @ Oman Women's Association, Oman - 14/06/2011
  • Designed Presentation for "Dr. Evangelos' TEDxMuscat Talk - Parallel Journeys" - 03/05/2011
  • Developed & Moderated "Cultural Divide Seminar" for Knowledge Oman @ Oman Women's Association, Oman - 14/04/2011
  • Moderated & Presented at "3rd SME Conference" for MCI & CCI @ Golden Tulip, Oman - 13/02/2011
  • Presented "Why Creativity and Innovation for SME's in Oman"? at 3rd SME Conference for MCI & CCI @ Golden Tulip, Oman - 13/02/2011
  • Presented "Omani Youth Entrepreneurship at 2nd Muscat Youth Summit" @ Al-Nahda Resort, Oman - 23/10/2010
  • Design Presentation & Developed Narrative for "CEO, David Graham's Oman Sail Press Conference" - 25/09/2010.
  • Designed Presentation for "AED Holding - Multi-Billion Dollar Prospective Investment" - 30/04/2010.
  • Moderated "Women in Business Seminar" @ Muscat Intercontinental Hotel, Oman - 25/04/2010. 
  • Moderated "Risk Finance Workshop" for Shell International @ Grand Hyatt Hotel, Oman - 30/05/2010
  • Moderated "2nd SME Conference" for MCI & CCI @ OIEC, Oman - 16/02/2010
  • Presented "SME's in Oman - An Overview"? at 2nd SME Conference for MCI & CCI @ Golden Tulip, Oman - 16/02/2010
  • Developed and Facilitated "Creativity Workshop" @ Scientific College of Design, Oman - 18/01/2010
  • Facilitated "CAP Workshop for Prosper Management Consultancy" @ Various Locations, Oman - 2009
  • Presented and Moderated the "Ahlain C-Store Launch for omanoil" @ Jabel Heights, Oman - May, 2009. 
  • Moderated "1st SME Conference" for MCI & CCI @ OIEC, Oman - 16/02/2009
  • Developed and Facilitated "Creativity Workshop" at Muscat Youth Summit-01 @ Nahda Resort, Oman - 07/12/2009
  • Presented "Blogging" at Smart Manufacturing Conference @ Interncontinental Hotel, Oman - 23/01/2006.
  • Presented on "Website Content, Design and Technology" @ Knowledge Oasis Muscat's (KOM) Open House seminar - 07/06/2005
  • Presented "Gaming in the Middle East at E-Games Conference" @ Muscat Interncontinental Hotel, Oman - 02/05/2005


  • Personal-Productivity
  • Creativity & Innovation 
  • Branding
  • Media 
  • Presentation & Presentation Design
  • Career Development & Self Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development
  • Culture/Sociology
  • Psychology & Spirituality


Mutassem Al-Sharji

"Jamal is an amazing public speaker that never fails to inspire the audience with the knowledge and insights he generously shares with everyone. I'd recommend him to emcee and deliver public talks to anyone who's aiming to have an excellent event.  With the energy he brought on stage, the audience were all engaged and felt empowered to participate and provide their opinions."

Nor Azmi Sulong

"Jamal is an avid Master of Ceremonies and it's great to see him engage the audience and now to see him taking charge of event procedures.  Certainly he didn’t disappoint me nor the participants, with his delightful insights bridging the speakers and the audience together. I would hope to see more of his presence in many other events as I believe his professionalism carries great virtue. Whilst action is louder than words; Jamal has both with a lot of added enthusiasm".

Nellie Ghusayni

"I was privileged to be able to observe Jamal run a workshop on Creativity and Problem Solving for young people at the Muscat Youth Summit. Jamal was clearly passionate about his topic. He was also dynamic and engaging."

Satyabrata Acharya

"My experience with Jamal goes way back to 2005. He has an amazing charisma and really knows how to captivate an audience. What makes him different from others is that he never takes his intelligence for granted. Whether it's a big or small stage he always ensures plentiful passion and puts tremendous hard work into his preparation. He is however meant for the big stage. May be an Oscar? Yeah why not. In single word he is Stupendofantabulous. God Bless".

Tariq Al-Barwani

"Mix passion, talent and creativity with energy and the result is Jamal Al Asmi - simply a forumla that I recognize whenever I attend Jamal's sessions that brings warmth, education and joie de vivre. The proof is in the pudding at our knowledgeoman.comeducational seminars, which although are run voluntarily, are compared to top-notch professional educational events, thanks to Jamal devotion to excellence in presenting inspiring program. Coupled with graphical facilitation skills to boot, he captures not only the attention of every participant but also the emotion and impact of the program entirely. Jamal is a valuable asset to any organization that wish to add a sparkling effect to their business."

HE Stefan-van Wersch

Jamal did a great thing for us during the State Visit of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in January 2012. He presented to Her Majesty the story of the wreck of the Dutch ship the “Amstelveen”  in 1763 at Ras Madrakah and the survival trek of 30 Dutch castaways to Muscat in the burning summer heat. He was able to evoke the horror of the trek but also the leadership that the surviving officer provided, and last but not least the kindness of many Omanis who shared their poverty with this forlorn bunch of sailors. It felt for a moment as if we ourselves were walking through the desert. Jamal is an eloquent speaker who can capture the full attention of his audience, and does so with a natural ease.

HE Sheikh Khalfan Al-Esri

"Creative, articulate, confident, bright and combines all above with simplicity and clarity when presenting ideas. He is full of energy and is charismatic ... Jamal has set standards that are difficult to reach but worth emulating. He is truly a precious gem and as such a pleasure to work with. Jamal is Whiz Kid."

Salma Al-Hashmi

"I've worked with Jamal many times in the past on both presentation and the delivery of seminars and I would describe him as structured & engaging. Perhaps most impressively though is how thoroughly researched he is behind each element of the deliverable".

Eyhab Al-Hajj

“Jamal has this great ability to keep you fully engaged and on the edge of your seat waiting for that next piece of information”

Rym Aoudia

"Jamal is a wizard on stage. Whether he is speaking, presenting or facilitating a discussion, he dynamically engages, connects, inspires and makes an impact. Add his flair of passion, humor, and eloquence and he shines through delivering great value for any event.  Having worked with Jamal in the community seminars, I applaud his deep thinking, his care to deliver genuine value, and the drive for creativity. Jamal is set for unique difference-making."

Dave Pender

"Jamal is a talented and dynamic speaker. Indeed, he has added a significant value to every event we have involved him in and attendee feedback has always been highly complementary of him. Moreover, we have always found him to be easy to work with and he has been extremely accommodating in meeting our event needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Jamal as an event speaker or keynote speaker".