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Aug 2017May 2021

Niagara university

I am a freshaman, I am majoring in social work with a minors in sociology. I intend to specialize in adolescent mental health and child protective services. 


I am interested in the field study of Human Services,  I am studying to learn how to work with people and how to communicate with them and most important how I can service them. Helping people is a passion of my because I like giving to others and hopefully making their life easier and striving to make a better world.  I am pursuing a degree in social work and to get a job within child protective services.

Volunteer Work


              • Sherry Lane Day Nursery of Abilene 2014
              • Mall fall festival 2014
              • Christmas Carousel Clean up 2014
              • Mission Thanksgiving 2012, 2015, 2016
              • summer volunteer at Hope Haven 2016
              • Intern at Family harmony services - summer of 2015
                Intern at Day nursery of Abilene - summer of 2016
              • Community mission 2017 

Honors, Activities, Awards

              • President's Award 2013 
              • National Honors Society 2014- Present 
              • A- Honor roll 2010-present

Extracurricular Activities

            • Work study- residential life center
            • Social work club 


              • I can remember things very fast.
              • I work well with others. 
              • I am good with money. 
              • I am good with kids. 
              • I solve conflicts well. 
              • I am good at being organized.
              • I am a fast learner.
              • I am in leadership roles

Work experience


Fast food worker


I work at Fazoli's  during the week



Texas Department of aging and disabilities

I Work here during the weekends