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Work experience

JSC Rotational


Machine Operator

Crane operator, CNC Operator, Rotational Thermoforming Machine operator.

Big Bear Plastics


CNC Operative / MAC Machine Operator

CNC operations and Thermoforming Machine Operative - Tool change inc.

Vax through AM2PM


General Operative

LQS Limited ( Labour done for Jaguar Land Rover )


Quality Controller

Quality inspection of Jaguar IPs on Customer Acceptance Line.

HDNL Ltd./Yodel XL/Arrow XL


Warehouse Operative/Office Clerk/Stand-in Manager

General Picking, Loading, Receiving duties.

Use of portable HHT Scanners.

Quality Check/Quality Assessment.

Office Clerk - General Clerk duties (operations done on microsoft office systems including printing, indexing, scanning, reporting, etc.). Ability to operate inner warehouse operational systems.

Stand-In Manager - General managerial duties (operating inner systems, quality checks, stock administration, reporting and coordinating warehouse matters and staff as well as their roles with other managers and stand-ins. Email and Phone based operations.

First Personel Agency


Warehouse Operative

General Warehouse duties.

Step by Step Recruitment Agency


Factory Operative

-Securidor - production of firedoors and door skins.

Securitas Services - Poland


Security & Inspection Officer

- Inspecting vehicles, people, and customer's goods that are being carried in & out of company's premises.

- ~Monitoring of company's premises with CCTV.

- Quality Check inspections of goods being held in facility before dispatch.

Hurtownia "RUCH S.A." - Poland


Salesman & Sales Coordinator

Sale of chemical goods, newspapers, cosmetics, cigarettes, pre-paid cards, registering and de-registering products that are being taken in from 3rd party companies, general flow-through control, gaining new customers, stock check, other computer based operations.

Gimnasium in Budzislaw Koscielny - Poland



Temporary replacement - Teacher of English language.

High School in Kleczew - Poland



Temporary replacement - Teacher of English language.

Nomi S.A.


Apprentice Salesman

Sale of building goods, customer handling, building electric installations, tiling, welding, general building knowledge, etc


Wyzsza Szkola Humanistyczno Ekonomiczna in Lodz, Poland


Teacher / Interpreter of English language.

Teacher & interpreter degree - Unfinished due to school's shutdown.

Technikum Gorniczo-Energetyczne in Konin, Poland


Technician - Electrician / Profile : Energo-Electronics

Passed Technical Exam & Mature Exam.


Engine Enabled Vehicles Certicate

Forklift license & electric pallet truck licence. Made in Poland (English version and Polish available)

Driving Licence

Driving licence and partialy own car. Comprehensive UK insurance and all formalities to drive on UK roads are available on demand.


Supreme physical condition thanks to physical work performed at Arrow XL.

Organisational abilities

Since i was trained as a salesman, quality controller & teacher i can say that my social and organisational skills are more than enough to lead a small group of people and achieve success. Which can as well be beneficial for my employer.


I'm good with all kinds of electronics. General fixes as well as taking apart & putting back together electronic equipment is my passion. Using Iron or Welding does not cause any problems for me.

IT Skills

Website creation, CAD, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Internet browsing, General hardware repairs, android os, ios, windows 10, Own Youtube channel : BLNSKI TV

Language Skill - Polish

Mother tongue.

Language Skills - English

I've been learning english since i was five. That's why i reckon my language skills are on a higher level after 25 years of operating this language. Since part of family is english speakers learning English was mandatory option for me, which may end up as a potential attribute for my future employer.

Attitude towards Standards

Strongly focused on hitting required targets & setting new standards at workplace.

Reason why I apply for a new job

Need a stable income with holiday allowence. Change is required as personal situation is forcing me to make a change.

Thank you & hope to see you soon at the interview

Jakub Bielinski