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Work experience

Nov 2008Jan 2009

Retail/ Floor Sales/ Stocker

Retail floor Sales. Also Stocker sometimes when needed. Laid off due to after christmas layoffs.

May 2007Aug 2007


Dick Clarks American Bandstand Bar and Grill

I was responsible for cleaning various parts of the restarurant. Along with cleaning up after each individual ate their Lunch/Dinner. I would normally stay an hour or two after works hours and make sure the restarurant was clean for the next day coming.

May 2006Aug 2006

Front Counter/ Service Provider


I work as a front counter service provider. I was responsible for taking the customers order and making sure I supplied them with the right meal to eat. I took in money from the customer and made sure to give them the right change in return. After work, I would then count the money in the drawer and make sure I had the right amount in my drawer.


Aug 2006Present


Lakeview Centennial High school


James Carbary

Fellow ex worker at McDonalds. Friend for 5 years.

Alex Fivash

I have known this guy (Alex), for 7 years of my life. If anyone knows me, it would be Alex.

David Dunn

Friend for 5 years. Fellow worker at McDonalds.


My Objective in the work force, is to achieve maximum capability in what ever I am doing. I like to work my hardest even if I am having a bad day. Working is a choice not a given, so I work as hard as needed. A Goal of mine is to have all my peers/ co workers look at me at try to match me at the level of work effort am working at.




-School work








-Studying German Language


I am a 18 year old High school senior. Looking for work before I start my life as a United States Sailor. I would like my work to teach me hard work and dedication. Even if it is just for three months. Three months can teach and instill a young man my age. I have worked hard at all the jobs I have done, and if you give me a chance I can show you I can do it.

-Valid Drivers License

-18 years old

-High school Senior

-3 Prior Jobs

-No Tickets

-A and B Grades