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Work Experience And Employment

Blue Post Productions, July 2007:  I was granted the opportunity to work at Blue Post Productions on a three week placement during July 2007 as a TMR (The Machine Room) Despatch Runner for the library department of this post production house.  During this time I was trained in library and despatch skills including archive scanning and Machine Room operation.  Whilst three weeks is a relatively short time for a work experience placement, I gained valuable knowledge about the world of post production and was able to establish relationships with other production houses and dry hired editors.  I was also granted the opportunity to sit in on a Watchdog edit in one of the Avid suites, where the editor at the time was more than willing to allow me to offer my opinion and answer any questions I had about the world of picture editing. 

1xtra Radio, April 2004:  Based in Shepards Bush, 1xtra radio is an up and coming urban music radio station.  Whilst working with them I was entrusted with numerous responsibilites assigned to the world of radio.  From collecting VoxPop's around London, logging the show through the correct procedures after airing and dealing with a host of responsibilities in the studio during the airing of the show this experience came as an initial shock when I found out what I was entrusted with, but by no means deterred me from the task and it gave me a thoroughly informative insight in to radio. 

BBC Watchdog, Summer 2003:  A two week placement as part of the BBC's consumer unit based at BBC White City introduced me to working as part of the Watchdog team.  Intent on making the most of this placement I was granted the opportunity  to join a small team on a location shoot and with a host of responsibilities I was very much an active and important role in the construction of this short film.  I was able to follow the shoot up by spending some time in the editing suite watching the construction process of our footage and whilst it was merely an opportunity for me to watch and learn I found it higly informative and has been something I have continually expressed great interest in since.

'Wildscreen', October 2008:  The Wildscreen Festival is an annual film festival held in Bristol which attracts hundreds of delegates from around the world who either work or are interested in working in the world of environmental film making.  Heavily supported by the largest names in wildlife filmmaking such as the BBC, Five and Animal Planet delgates are offered the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of environmental filmaking, working alongside some of the worlds most famous natural history camrea operators.  This year I was granted the opportunity to attend the day focussed on the realm of underwater film making, an area that I am familiar with and passionate about.  An invaluable opportunity allowed me to talk to the likes of, emmy award winner Mike Pitts from Blue Planet, Peter Scoones and diving supervisor from Blue Planet and Pacific Abyss, Richard Bull.  Their knowledge on this specialist industry is second to none and diving alongside them in a pool session put me behind the lens of state of the art HDCAM underwater filming equipment and gave me an insight in to the skill behind these magnifiscent programmes.

Kream London, March 2009:  A recent placement with this successful advertising agency gave me the opportunity to work on a short advert for the Nintendo DS games console, to be aired around mothers and fathers day.  My prior experience as a despatch runner proved invaluable, and I became even more aware of the necessity for punctuality, timing and efficiency.  As my first advert it proved to be both insightful and demanding, but a field of interest I would like to explore further.

GearHouse Broadcast Ltd, November 2009 – Present:In November 2009 I was offered the opportunity to work with this internationally renowned broadcast companyon one of their biggest contracts, the ATP 1000 Tennis Masters series.Initially starting as just a cable/compound rigger soon led to a fantastic opportunity to gain some live television camera experience in Paris in the penultimate competition to the final at London’s O2 Arena.Working with state of the art television equipment put me at the heart of a live broadcast and educated me on the importance of punctuality, attention to detail and finesse when operating live television camera equipment.Gaining my first tally in Paris led to further opportunities with GearHouse in the early stages of 2010, where I was offered contracted work on the beginning of this years ATP 1000.Spending two and a half months travelling with the company and its employees gave me the opportunity to spend a far more intense period around broadcast equipment where a regular camera operator shift was bestowed upon me.Having paid close attention to those working around me has enabled me to become an efficient compound cable rigger as well as learning the process of big lens camera builds and camera set up.Having made invaluable contacts working with GearHouse has only led to further work which includes the Davies Cup Tennis in Eastbourne for British Eurosport as a camera operator and as a camera assistant with Mast Productions and there involvement with Rugby 7’s events all over the country.

Interests and Achievments

Scuba and FREE Diving:  Whilst spending a year abroad travelling across South East Asia and Australia, I combined my passion for Scuba Diving with film and enrolled in an intensive and creative underwater videography course.  Underwater filming requires certain skills and training that was underlined throughout the intensive course but once these were itterated a very individual opportunity was offered whereby both the filming and editing processes where left to my own creative devices.  Usually filming divers that were completing their Open Water course and offering the footage on DVD meant that the finished product had to be perfect and as a result the editing suite was well equipped with the latest software for the editing of both the moving image and sound stages. 

After becoming fully qualified in the use of equipment, solo diver safety and editing, the camera and underwater housing were left to my disposal for the opportunity to film whatever took my fancy which helped create some very artistic results which include a 15 minute solo dive with a pod of whale sharks.  I now have a proud DVD portfolio of the work I created as a result of this intensive specialty course, and during my time in Thailand I sold a number of DVD's created by myself which captured the unique experience of all those who were part of my short films.

With an unmissable opportunity to discover the barrier reef on a four day live aboard dive boat in Cairns, Australia I ventured in to the heart of the Scuba world and whilst unfortunately, no underwater video equipment was available I discovered a similar zest for photography which has continued back in the United Kingdom and on dry land.

Photography:  My passion for photography has recently been fuelled through a combination of several photography modules undertaken during my university career and a recent purchase of a Digital SLR camera.  Predominantly self taught through trial and error has given me a significant knowledge to the way in which a photograph is constructed, and has lead me to develop a keen, and different eye to subjects in everyday life.  My choice of subject is often random and a tendancy to photograph anything that captures my imagination has lead to some creative and interesting results.

I am also an active member of my local Camera Club, who meet on a weekly basis offering participants talks by guest lectures, practical workshops and advice and guidance on post production editing.


PADI Divemaster Certification, Advanced FREE Diver, Underwater Videographer

About Me

I am an enthusiastic team player with hands on practical experience of working within the Television industry and I am keen to pursue further work within the television or feature film industry.  I have a good knowledge of new media and I have experience in a variety of editing programmes for both the still and moving image.  I am a fast learner who communicates well with others and enjoys working alone or as part of a team.

I have gained valuable work experience after a spell in the BBC's consumer unit, which makes Rogue Traders and other investigative programmes.  Whilst working with them I gained experience working with a film crew on location and spending time in the research department and editting suite.  I also worked at 1xtra Radio station as an in show assistant and junior researcher, and at a Soho post production house working as part of their library and despatch department. Each of these opportunities has equipped me with valuable skills for working as part of the new media industry.

I studied Visual and Performed Arts at the University of Kent and was able to mix and match modules in, amongst others, reality television, British Cinema and photography.


Sep 2006Jul 2008


University of Kent

The course I enrolled on during my three years spent at the University of kent Institution was designed to expand and combine the interests of the students by offering each indvidual the opportunity to mix and match a combination of modules best suited to each persons particular passion.  Compulsory modules in History of Art remained the core to my course which touched upon, in some detail, photography, modern and contemporary painting and the Renaissance Art era.  Alongside these compulsory modules which spanned across my three years I also undertook modules in both Film and Drama which I found complimented one another well. 

Ranging from the Construction of Popular Reality TV to The History of British Cinema, the film modules helped me achieve an extensive and detailed knowledge of the film and television industry including marketing, social, economic and political influences and the expansion and growth of both mediums as part of today's society. 

The Drama modules were a far more practically lead and were designed to expand upon a prior knowledge of Theatre practise.  Rather than solely based on acting these modules also introduced me to other vital components of theatre including lighting, sound stage and set design

Sep 1997Jun 2004

Watford Boys Grammar School

Achieved three A-Levels with the following awards:

Drama & Theatre Studies - B(b)

English Literature - C(c)

Geography - D(d)

Achieved ten GCSE's with the following awards:

German - A(a)

Religious Education - A(a)

English Literature - A(a)

English Language - B(b)

French - B(b)

Mathematics - B(b)

History - B(b)

Geography - B(b)

Science: Double Award - CC(cc)


I have a good working knowledge of basic Microsoft programmes and an extensive knowledge of both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom photo editing programmes.
Studying and achieving GCSE's in both French and German has given me a good foundation in both languages and has proved useful whne travelling throughout Europe.

Work experience

Sales Assistant

John Lewis