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Work experience


Director of Finance

Community Living Opportunities

Established and maintained financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems for various companies.

Reported on financial condition to Board of Directors and Executive Officers for multiple companies.

Managed and responsible for cash flow and budgets for companies from $10m to $22m. Managed vendor relationships and met payroll during negative cash flow while turning a negative cash flow into a positive position.

Reduced expenses by $60k annually through training of supplies usage.  

Analyzed profitability of two departments resulting in closures with annual savings of $60k.

Helped to reduce budget by $640k by combining positions and departmental organization.

Created interactive budgets for various operational departments to determine cost of services provided to improve profitability.

Recovered $250k in unknown accounts receivables by means of audit and identified unrecognized revenues of $10k.

Worked to create an additional $100k per month in cash flow by moving checking accounts to credit cards.

Trained Accounts Receivable department in customer follow-up best practices to reduced receivables by $15k per month.

Improved and simplified processes to cut production rates by 30%, while increasing production rates by 87.5% through training in programs.

Directed and oversaw cost and general accounting, accounts receivable/payable and payroll departments with a staff of 8. Provided management of property maintenance including HUD properties.

Bridged the communication gap between the operations team and the finance team.



North Star Academy

Prepared business, financial, facility and partnership development of North Star Academy.

Met prospective clients and partners to explain the mission and vision of programs.

Created a long-term interactive budget to analyze various programs including break-even versus profit potential.

Drafted marketing materials including website, contracts, calendars and handbooks.

Oversaw operations of Montessori program and identified areas of revenue growth by $150k annually while supervising staff of 25.

Assisted in writing $150,000 grant.



Sky's the Limit Childcare Inc.

Founded Sky's the Limit Childcare to meet the needs of families which included: before and after school care, summer camps, tutoring, various payment options, reward systems, Parent’s Night Out and latch-key transportation.

Responsible for all operations including financial, managerial, advertising and growth planning.

Successfully doubled revenues each year from 2007-2013.

Developed partnerships with local companies to decrease operational costs and to provide resources for families.

Wrote a 100+ page Business Plan that identified areas of focus needed to increase profitability and productivity.

Applied and received $10k grant to assist in growth of business.

Supervised, mentored and trained up to 40 staff and volunteers at one time while coordinating all staff. schedules and allowing staff to be leaders by being innovative and creative for the needs of children while maintaining a 90% retention rate.


Vice President

Sky's the Limit Transportation Inc.

Created a niche market focusing on transportation of children which included car seats and booster seats for each child.

Provided logistics for all transportation to 13 area schools, with over 100 children that were to all be transported within a 30 minute time frame.

Executed all financial decisions while completing all accounting and payroll.

Formulated a 60+ page business plan detailing the areas of focus needed to increase profitability and productivity.

Designed marketing brand including logo, website and vehicle wrap.

Trained and certified staff of 25 while increasing productivity by verifying that deadlines were met and policies were enforced.



Air Control Mechanical Inc.

Prepare and execute job estimates, bids, contracts, invoices and lien waivers.

Made all financial decisions while completing all accounting and payroll.

Supervised two executive staff with a total of 10 staff within the company.

Profitability of company averaged 6.25% annually.

Maintain personnel requirements with Sheet Metal Union Hall.

Utilized job costing on all projects.

Established market branding materials.

Lowered operational costs by researching vendor pricing.

Commitment to provide all mechanical work to our vendors created a competitive advantage.

Created electronic bidding process which increased productivity by 88%.



Jaime Schonfeldt Consulting

Process daily bookkeeping tasks in QuickBooks for five companies.

Explained financial data to clients to understand costs and suggest areas of improvement.

Recommend different business approaches to increase job profitability, efficiency and productivity.

Met all deadlines as required by clients.


Accounting Temp

Mid-America Regional Council

Organize and formulate budget expectations for funds, grants and projects in excess of $60 million.

Gather and organize staffing plans, equipment expenditures and new grant information.

Consolidate budget process to eliminate duplication of data.


Office Manager

Industrial Supply Inc.

Prepared financials and cash flow with revenues annually of $2 million.

Purchased and implemented new POS system to increase productivity and efficiency.

Streamlined operational and business processes and procedures by 25%.

Analyzed product profitability to become more competitive.

Communicated effectively with customers to explain and resolve situations.

Received prior collections of more than $75k.

Billed Department of Defense orders.

Supervised staff of 5.


Senior Accounting Associate

QC Financial Inc.

Implemented Chesapeake Reconciliation software to reduce monthly reconciliation time by 3,000%.

Administered Chesapeake Bank Analysis software lowering bank fees by $36k annually.

Performed beta-testing and utilized Chesapeake Internet Scripting software to decrease daily polling time by 75%.

Created process manuals while training staff and increasing productivity.

Implementation of management communication policies and processes to eliminate theft within the organization.



Friends University


Baker University


Barbara Huther

"Jaime has the unique ability to combine the best of all skills into one package. She is both personable and professional. She has a clear grasp of both details and big picture issues. Jaime’s interpersonal skills are highlighted by a genuine consideration for others while maintaining clear and direct communication.” 

Amie VanFleet

“Jaime is highly knowledgeable on many levels and takes initiative to go beyond the expectations of her job.  She used her extremely valuable knowledge to improve our lives, and the community around us.  Jaime went far beyond the requirements of her job, is a skilled problem solver, and always knows which questions to ask to get to the bottom of things.  She has the ability to maintain professional behavior even under high pressure, and in the most stressful situations.” 

David DiBella

“Jaime holds herself to high standards and pursues all of her endeavors with integrity and a commitment to excellence. Based on experience from managing several businesses of her own, Jaime excels at balancing complex tasks while keeping business objectives on track.”