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Managing core team of Quality Assurance professionals dedicated to ensuring compliance with Federal Housing Regulations. Responsible for compliance oversight of three distinct geographic territories of New York. Challenges faced are verifying and instilling consistancy amongst 75 members completing five core processes. Looking to develop further methodologies to bring all team members within compliance guidelines.

Work experience

Nov 2005Present

Qualilty Assurance Manager

CGI Federal
Under the direction of the Director of Training and Compliance, manages the Quality Control Program for the NY State Performance Based Contract Administration. Oversees the Quality Assurance Coordinators who conduct performance and quality control activities to ensure the accurate and timely completion of core contract administrative activities as directed by the Annual Contributions Contract. Oversees audit activities, conducts activities as outlined within the Quality Control Plan that consists primarily of cyclical, quality control reviews of all contract administrative activities and unscheduled analysis. Prepare reports that document performance, performance deficiencies and corrective actions. Responsible for overseeing delivery of continuous training activities and workforce workshops.
Mar 2005Nov 2005

Quality Assurance Specialist

Responsibilities include conducting ongoing, monthly and periodic reviews of Core Tasks carried out under Annual Contributions Contract. Execute procedures to ensure that contract performance requirements are met and prevent potential fraud, waste and abuse of funds. Work closely with Local Services Supervisor and Asset Manager to ensure that timely and accurate completion of all Annual Contribution Contract Core Tasks. Prepare reports that document performance, performance deficiencies and corrective actions. Reports presented to Director of Contract Administration, Operations, CGI Corporate Trainer and other appropriate Operations Managers monthly.

Jul 2004Mar 2005

Contract Specialist

Responsible for processing rent adjustments, vouchering, special claims, Section 8 contract renewals and other core tasks outlined in the California Affordable Housing Initiative, Inc. Annual Contributions Contract (ACC). Responsible for the analysis, interpretation, and implementation of regulations, policies, and procedures found in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide, the Multifamily Asset Management and Project Servicing Handbook, 4350.1, Rev. 1; Management and Occupancy Handbook, 4350.3, Rev. 1, and Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to Section 8 multifamily properties. Responsible for establishing and maintaining amicable working relationships with HUD project managers and property owners and agents associated with more than fifty Section 8 multifamily properties in Northern California. Responsible for identifying and reconciling discrepancies found in database systems such as HUD’s Real Estate Management System (REMS).



Humboldt State University


Apr 2008Present

Certified Associate in Project Management

Project Management Institute
May 2008Present

Tax Credit Specialist

National Center for Housing Management
Mar 2008Present

Certified Occupancy Specialist

National Center for Housing Management