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As the Chief Executive Officer of DiCorp S.A., in Bogota, Colombia, Jaime Murra oversees the operations of one of Latin America’s rice-milling companies. He drives the performance and expansion of the business; under his leadership, it has grown 62% annually since 2001.Jaime Murra joined the firm in 1992, as Director of Sales and Marketing. He went on to develop and launch the marketing campaign for the brand Arroz Diana, increasing sales by 190% over the next two years. His marketing strategy helped to boost brand awareness for Arroz Diana by 80%. During his time as Director of Sales and Marketing, Jaime Murra created the vision, branding, and strategies for all new products, and developed all of the products’ sales and marketing budgets.In 1996, Jaime Murra moved on to the position of Director of Finance, where he maintained the cash flow for the company’s operations, and managed $300 million in capital. He increased the value of DiCorp’s stock portfolio by 60%, and restructured the company’s debt, improving net profits by 50% over two years.Since becoming CEO, Jaime Murra has propelled DiCorp into further growth and success, improving the company’s performance and creating value for its shareholders. He continues to oversee the sales of the popular brand Arroz Diana, which drives growth and development in Colombia by employing over 700 people in production roles. Jaime Murra’s vision moves the company forward, as DiCorp works toward its 2013 goal of achieving $1 billion in sales across its five product categories.

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