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Jaime Lamprea

Work experience

Jun 2013Aug 2015

Lab Volunteer

UCSD Moores Cancer Center
  • Grow cancer cells.
  • Analysis of cancer cell growth. 
  • Collected data for projects.
  • Estaralized lab equipment. 
  • Collaborate with specialized cancer Doctors. 


Sep 2011Jun 2015

Valhalla High school
Aug 2014Aug 2014

Biosafety: Bloodborne Pathogens

  • How to handle levels 1-3 Biosafety materials.
  • What each Biosafety means. 
  • What is needed in each Biosafety.
Aug 2014Aug 2014

Viral Vectors

  • How  to Handle level 2 Biosafety Vectors
  • How to clean and handle Biosafety Spills 


Fix electronics
I Know how to fix electronic such as phones and tablets. I can replace screens, speakers internal electronics.
Fluent in Spanish
I Fluently speak, write and read Spanish.