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Work experience

Mar 2007Present

Latin America Regional Manager Director and International Commercial Manager


Led the growth of new products lines and expand the market of current - achieving the expansion for 5 new product lines; this included building standards and programs for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Budgets and Costs. Accounts: 1500. Reports: 60.

  • Core products: medical devices and consumables, for IC, anesthesia, respiratory care, neonatal care, pathology and cytology. 
  • Provided multiple roles, including market development, project management, sales trainer, negotiations, development of sale strategy, sales leadership, purchasing, accounting, finances, importation and logistic management. Natural ability to motivate and lead individuals and teams.
  • Developed vital new corporate alliances with USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Ireland and China -based distribution -partners.

--> Exceeded sales goal - achieving 30% sales growth average during tenure.--> Develop and manage the distribution network in Latin America - taking them from start-up to significant market presence. 

Aug 2005Feb 2007

Product Business Manager


Develop the Airlife® product line in Mexico. Core focus: sales of respiratory care consumables to private and public hospitals. Liaison to American-based Cardinal Health. Accounts: 1000. Reports: 50.

  • Reports include 2 Product Promoters, 25 Brand Promoters, 15 Local Sales Reps and 8 RSMs.
  • Accounts include: Hospitals of Group Angeles (16 large private hospitals), Hospitals Corpus Christ's Mexico, Hospitals CIMA, social security hospitals, and specialized institutes.
  • Tenure showcases unique ability to quickly turn around sales - and establish new market share.

--> Turned around a monthly loss of 28% to a record sales growth of 63% - in 5 months. 

Achieved a record 42% sales growth in first 18 months. 

Sep 2002Jul 2005

Division General Manager Director


Led the rapid growth of the new Medical Division. Core focus: sales of medical devices to private and public hospitals: consumables and equipment, e.g. anesthesia machines, mechanical ventilators, incubators, etc. Accts: 500. Reports: 10.

  • Provided key roles, including sales trainer, negotiations, development of sale strategy and sales leadership.
  • Further sharpened expertise in marketing new products and new technology.
  • Initiated and developed vital corporate alliances with Italy, Ireland, Switzerland and UK based partners.
  • Overcame the challenges inherent to a corporate change - gas and petroleum industry company had acquired a business unit in the medical market. Learned the art/science of change leadership and corporate re-branding.

--> Established corporate presence as an industry leader within the first 6 months.

-->  Achieved sales and market share goals 2-years ahead of schedule. 

Jan 1998Jul 2002

Regional Manager Director and International Commercial Manager

Hospitecnica, S.A. de C.V.

Led the growth of the new Monterrey office - achieving full operational status in 90 days; this included building standards and programs for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Inventory and Shipping Logistics. Reports: 6 direct, 30 indirect.

  • Core products: medical devices and consumables, for IC, anesthesia, respiratory care, neonatal care, pathology and cytology. 
  • Provided multiple roles, including purchasing, project management, market development, training, presentations, importation and logistic management. Learned of natural ability to motivate and lead individuals and teams.
  • Developed vital new corporate alliances with Germany, Italy and Australia-based distribution -partners.
  • Overcame the challenges of being new to an industry - needing to quickly learn products, services, terminology and competitors.

--> Exceeded sales goal - achieving 30% sales growth average during tenure - often surpassing sales of Mexico City main office.

--> Established 2 new branches for the company - taking them from start-up operations to significant market presence. 



Respiratory Care / Intensive Care / Emergencies / Home Care Equipment and Consumables for:

  • Aerosol-Therapy (Small and High Volume Nebulization)
  • Oxygen-Therapy
  • Humidification (Active and Passive)
  • Mechanical Ventilation (Adult, Pediatric, Neonates, Non-Invasive, Transport, etc.)
  • Difficult Airway Management
  • Intravascular Temperature Management 
  • High Flow Oxygen-Therapy
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Adult CPAP
  • Spirometry 

Anesthesia Equipments and Consumables for:

  • General Anesthesia (Anesthesia Machines, Breathing Systems and Accessories).
  • Difficult Airway Management.
  • Gas Interchange and Anesthetic Agents Interaction.
  • Anesthetic Degradation and CO2 Absorption (CO2 Absorbents).
  • Vital Signs Monitoring.
  • Oximetry and Capnography.

Neonatology Equipment and Consumables for:

  • Neonatal Thermo-Regulation (Infant Warmers and Incubators).
  • Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation (Conventional, High Frequency, Oscillation, PAV, etc.).
  • Neonatal CPAP.
  • Bilirubin Management (Phototherapy).
  • General Neonate Care (various).

Cytology, Pathology and Autopsy Equipment and Consumables. 

BD: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer and Business Administration)

Institute of Technologic and Superior Studies of Monterrey (ITESM)

IMAB.S. Mechanical Engineering Option A

Program and Learning Outcomes

The B.S. in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering is a program that prepares individuals with a solid base in mathematics and natural sciences, competent in areas related to the design of mechanic systems component, manufacture integration, thermal systems optimization and management of productive processes, considering the optimization of production engineering and the financial aspects, as well as a sustainable development perspective.Learning outcomes1. Designs mechanic systems, chooses the adequate material for its fabrication, selects and develops the manufacturing processes for the transformation of raw materials into a finished product, leaning on the use of state of the art software and technology.2. Plans, designs and manages production systems using inventory control, logistic, quality control and economic engineering tools to verify product viability.3. Uses in an efficient manner the human and natural resources available for the development and innovation of products and manufacturing processes, considering the use of clean technologies and sustainable development.4. Uses the fundamental principles of energy and matter conservation to design and optimize fluid flow, heat transfer and potency generation through thermal energy devices, taking into account the limitations of non-renewable energy sources and global warming.5. Dominion of the English language.


Vivek Bhargava

"Jose Antonio is a sound business professional with excellent marketing and business development capabilities. I was impressed with his strong understanding of the market and products in Mexico. Within two years, Jose Antonio was able to convert a business that was declining to a high growth business for Cardinal Health in Mexico. 

I highly recommend Jose Antonio for any role that requires growing and developing a business."

Vivek's Title at Cardinal Health during my tenure as Airlife Business Manager:Director International Emerging Markets Medical Products and Services.

Vivek's Online Profile:

Dr. Ernesto Moreno Lopez

“I highly recommend him for any position of work, leadership or any other capacity in which he can spread his excitement and share his talents with others.”

New Products Market Development

Development of Branding Bulletin



CAREER SIGNATURE for providing key business development leadership in global markets. Expertise in building long-term corporate relationships. Multi-industry experience includes Medical Devices, Healthcare, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical. Engineering graduate. Bi-lingual. Exceptional leadership skills – able to motivate and focus teams, often leading them to record results. Soft skills: creative, intuitive, enthusiastic and resourceful. Numerous medical industry references. Able to relocate.


  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Alliance Building
  • Account Management
  • Global Account Development
  • Start-Up Operations
  • New Product Development
  • Sales Engineering