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John A. Gilchrist

B.S. Biology, Chemistry minor,                             University of Alabama at Birmingham

Laboratory Experience & Skills

Laboratory Equipment Use

Familiarity with array of Organic Chemistry laboratory equipment including infrared spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and general laboratory equipment used in class experiments.

Organic Chemistry Lab

 As part of organic Chemistry lab,  performed experiments like the Grignard Reaction, Aldol Condensation, Fischer Esterification, and Friedal-Crafts reaction.

Capstone Research

Histology Lab

Working independently, under supervision of Dr. Thane Wibbels, performed, with microtome, sectioning of wax blocks containing biological tissue of Kemps-Ridley Sea Turtle. Performed staining of tissues in order to determine sex of organism from which tissue was provided.


Aug 2010May 2015

B.S. Biology

University Alabama at Birmingham

Graduate with B.S. in Biology with Chemistry Minor.

UAB GPA 3.45     Overall GPA : 3.19

Recognitions & Awards

National Society of Leadership and Success : Recognition for 3.5 GPA

Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society : Recognition for 3.5 GPA in Biology coursework.