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                                      PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
Electrical Engineer (E&I discipline) with over 20 years seasonal experiences in Green and Brownfield projects predominantly in Heavy industries (Oil & Gas, Power, MEP, Air-force, Steel), and Turnkey Projects.

Fully committed and Engaged in Technical and supervisory roles & responsibilities in Middle East, Africa, Asia-pacific by both onshore and offshore, with Shell, Chevron & Saudi Aramco Projects.

Experience extends across project life cycle including Engineering, Construction, Quality, Testing & Commissioning, and Completion, Certification including Project Management, loyally and efficiently worked in multicultural environments.


                                 SITE ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION
 A strong foundation in electrical engineering and extend field engineering design knowledge.
 Knowledge and familiarization of International Standards (IEC, NEC, NEPA70, IECEx), and Procedures and Shell DEPs, Chevron Standards/Specs, Safety in designs (SID), Qatar Kharhama, etc.
 Familiarization with power generation, distribution & process electrification engineering (Voltage drop, short circuit, relay coordination, Equipment layout, cable tray load calculation, Earthing /cable routing and cable schedule, and termination details preparation).
 Review & Verifying of design drawings, voltage drops, short-circuit calculations layouts, electrical one line diagrams, cable block diagrams and cable and conduit schedules, AC/DC control schematics, wiring distribution schemes, and utilization, etc.
 Awareness and experiences on Hazardous area classifications and selection, Installation of equipments.
 Handled various type of HV/LV switchboards, breakers (SF6, VCB, ACB, OCB & OMCB), Cables installation, testing & commissioning, of 110kV, 66kV, 13.8, 11kV, and low voltages, including overhead distributions.
 Experiences in Installation, repairing & testing of Power transformers, and its accessories including oil, filtration, testing and maintenances.
 Installation, testing & commissioning of DG Sets (Wartsila, Caterpillar, Cummins, Yanmar, Deutzs, etc) STG (GE), GTG (Siemens), Kato Generators, and associated equipments.
 Installation and testing commissioning, maintenance of batteries, UPS, Inverters, and rectifiers.
 Familiarization installation, testing and commissioning of Low & high voltage variable frequency drive (VSD/VFD) and their application & trouble shooting.
 Estimate and costing and installation of Overhead distribution, and maintenance of distribution system.
 Hand on experience on process instruments, valves calibrations, installation and troubleshooting.
 Installation HV/LV motors, pumps, Compressors, and testing commissioning and maintenance.
 Installation of HV/LV cables (UG/AG), testing and commissioning, and troubleshooting of control systems.
 Installation of Overhead cranes, testing & commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenances.
 Hand on experiences on Protection relays (ABB, GE, Schneider), instrument transformer (CT/PT), interposing panels, meeting devices, networking, Power management system, and system functionality.
 Installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance of various type of HVAC systems.
 Sound experience on PLCs (Siemens, Allen Bradly, GE Fanuc, Omran), RTU, DCS (Emersion, Yokogawa, Honeywell), SCADA (GE, Siemens) and BMS (Johnson & Johnson), CCMS (GE Fanuc).
 Experienced in Fire Alarm System, Fault signaling systems, installation, and maintenance.
 Installation and commission of Fire and Gas system, PAGA, VESDAS, and troubleshooting.
 Design review, Installation, familiarization of cathodic protection systems, and corrosion and erosion systems.
 Hand on experience of cathodic protection for piping, UG/AG tanks, outfalls, Jettys, buildings, upstream piping.
 Hand on experience on manufacturing of switchboards, hear treatment furnaces, transporting panels, etc.
 Tasks and Duties Supervision and management of vendor engineering and equipment deliverables to ensure compliance with project standards and specifications.
 Ability to lead teams and providing technical support, coaching & mentoring staff about work performance.
 Develop & Preparation of WBS, Work packs, Method statements, and review contractors Inspection & Test Plans, & Test procedures, and approving, when requirements are met.
 Directing and coordinating construction work within company policies and procedures.
 Monitor, track daily progress and report to concern parties to update in system and evaluate project is progressing as planned and take necessary action, where required to align with project baselines.

 Materials takeoff, Review vendor’s quotations, prepare technical quotation evaluation and recommend the final technically acceptable vendor and coordinate with other departments.
 Monitor quality, quantity and security of work, performance of direct labor and contractors, suppliers & vendors.

 Identifying constraints, implementing Corrective, Preventive actions in collaboration with project management methodology and aligned with Organisational strategy.
 Ensures that procedures for the safe execution of tasks are in place and adhered to (including TSTI, TSTO, Permit-to Work (PTW), Job Site Risk Assessments, and Toolbox Talks).
 Raise technical queries to Engineering with recommended solutions, in case of deviations, constrains at site.
 Establishing management expectations, standards, goals and objectives for training, and then communicates the expectations horizontally and vertically.
 Communicate with stakeholders and Technical Authority in areas related to the engineering, safety, quality, and operational aspects in order to manage and resolve technical and engineering issues in a timely manner and ensures clarity and effective interface management (MoC).
 Establish, Maintain, and adhere to clean and safe construction and work environmental.
 Develop Project Quality Management Plan, Quality Control Procedures with reference to Project Specifications, requirements, and standards agreed for the company quality policy, bench marks.
 Preparation and obtain approval of Inspection & Test plan for specified work, equipments, test procedures for Pre-commissioning and commissioning for Electrical & Instrumentation disciplines.
 Perform Quality Surveillances, Inspections throughout E&I construction phases to ensure the Electrical and instrumentation works commenced as per agreed quality standards, measures.
 Ensure all construction activities are completed without deviations from the approved construction drawings, codes, standards, SPEC to meet the project quality management plan and client requirements.
 Carryout materials receiving inspection, materials storage/warehouse and ensure procedures are in place and adequate to meet the requirements, and maintain preservation/storage records.
 Assist to develop Project Completion Systems (ERP, Maximo, WinPCS) and input appropriate test records to generate test records to setup traceability matrix and documentations.
 Inspection, review and completed the documents for E&I discipline by tag number, sub-systems to accept and release the mechanical completion discipline acceptance certificates, as-built dwg, with punch list, if applicable.
 Initiate and organize training for discipline engineers, contractors, sub-contractor, and national employee skills and competency developments.
 Plan, Rollout, Organize, lead FSI/FPD to improve the integrity, constructability throughout the project life cycle.
 Inspection and assure the construction processes, preservation steps for all equipments from receipt of materials at construction site duration of project phases of MCC and to turnover to asset Team/client.
 Inspection, and completion of test records, and any deviations raise Quality observation cards, and NCRs as necessary with recommended solutions (corrective and preventive actions upon Root cause analysis).
 Conversant with Project inspection requirements, adhere to the parameters, bench marking, acceptance criteria conditions for Electrical and Instrumentation discipline.
 Accomplish meeting with client representative, sub-contractors, vendors, supplier as required.


Ø On hand experience operation & Maintenance of 110kV substation, switching operations.

Ø Maintenance of Generators, Transformers, Switchgears (SF6, ACB, VCB, OCB, OMCB), MCCs, MV/LV VFDs, etc.

Ø Maintenance of PLC, DCS, VAX/VMS, CCMS, BMS, CCTV and security systems.

Ø Maintenance of MV/LV motors, HVAC Systems, Converters, etc.

Ø Operation and Maintenance of Aircraft Refueling systems, Runway Hooks Arresting System, Taxiway Lightings.

Ø Maintenance of Ammunition Shelters, F5/F15 Aircraft hangers, Engine Test shells, & Weapon delivery ranges.


Reading, Listen Music, Travel, Driving.


Pursuing M.Tech in Electrical Engineering



MIET (Membership in Institute of Engineering and Technology)


Dedicate, energetic and motivated team player seeking a career that would enable me to utilize into the Electrical Engineering field.

To utilize my technical and management skills for achieving the target and developing the best performance in the organization. I would like to implement my innovative ideas, skills and creativity for accomplishing the projects.


QA/QC Responsibilities:

        Perform surveillance, inspections throughout the myriad of electrical construction work activities toensure that electrical installation work activities,   Comply with all phases of the engineering design, applicable codes, specifications, or standards and to meet the client’s expectations.  

Use sound construction work practices, methods and lession learned.   Preparation of Inspection & Test Plan, check sheets, Test procedure and training to required personnel.   Accomplish meeting with client representative, sub-contractors and vendors as applicable.  

Material receipt inspection, maintenance and preservation/storage records.   Perform routine electrical inspections that  to ensure a safe and quality installed products, which may require a signature signoff, include, Equipment installation activities.   Inspection of cable pulls, Cable terminations or splices. Jumper installations.  

Cathodic protection system, Grounding, Lighting, receptacle installation illumination and circuit verification.  

QA/QC documentation, RFI, NCR and Systems/Facility package preparation & turnover records.  

Familiar with their specific project inspection requirements, adhere to the parameters of acceptance, and ensure the condition has been corrected.

Roles & Responsibilities

Provides technical assistance to Electrical and Instrument Superintendents, Sub-contractors, Project Supervision, Project Field Engineer and keeps them informed on relating to installation, quality control and Safety factors.  

Establishes with the client personnel, installation, electrical testing, turnover of systems, facilities, rotating and electrical equipment.  

Establishes and maintains communications with the Project Design Groups in the resolution of field installation concerns, design conflicts, queries, and constructability.  

Determines area priorities for equipment and aboveground & underground installation through consultation with Project Supervision and the overall project schedule(s).  

Reviews the project schedule and working with production supervision, develops appropriate schedules, manpower and task/milestone durations as required.  

Performs routine inspections of ongoing work activities on a continuous basis and oversees a final checkout of rotating and electrical equipment, control circuits and testing prior to turnover to the client.   Troubleshoots, resolves and responds to identify electrical and instrumentation circuitry problems.  

Executes field material takeoffs from design drawings, initiates material requisitions, electrical testing equipment, spare parts, bulk electrical material, field materials requisition and coordination materials team.  

Updates daily installed quantities, reports to Project Controls, identifies new work scope, rework, site instructions and etc.  

Maintains, provides, updates current as-built information for the electrical installation and record prints for all Power generation, underground electrical distribution systems, lighting, grounding, fire & gas, communications, cathodic protection, cable tray, cable, jumpers, and termination changes.  

Maintains a communication with site and factory vendor representatives to assess requirements and to have proper vendor representatives at the site to support installation, testing, or troubleshooting.  

Assists on equipment related problems, obtains vendor documents, support or information, material substitutions or other design related issues.  

Interfaces directly / indirectly with the other discipline field engineers, logistics, schedulers, craft supervision, client’s management representatives, maintenance, operations departments, startup personnel, equipment and material vendors, subcontractors, quality control, safety.  

Establishes a material control system to monitor bulk materials. Identifies storage areas and requirements, develops a secured storage area for storage of high-loss items.   Assists the Field procurement group in the receiving inspection, control of electrical equipment & materials.  

Establishes good safety practices and client requirements for maintaining worker safety on electrical circuits.

Assists and coordinates with permit office for permits such as excavation, energization, hot work, and assist to construction site’s safety electrical procedure (Lockout/Tagout).  

Establishes jobsite procedures for documentation of client and vendor witnessing of electrical circuit and equipment testing.  

Prepare Work pack and assist to sub-contractor throughout the construction and support to system or facility turnovers.  

Assist to maintain records, electrical testing results, system / facility records, nonconformance dispositions, startup, design, or field documentation changes, as builds, site electrical database, OS&Ds.  

Establish & organize temporary construction power requirements, such as preservation, lighting, testing equipments throughout the construction.  

Produce test procedure and acceptable values according to the project requirement as per recommended standards per design / codes.  

Work experience

Discipline Engineer (E&I, C&A)

Major and minor projects.

Construction, Fabrication, Installation of topside platforms, well jackets, and turn around.

Chiyoda-Hyundai Consortium Ltd

Jan 2008May 2009

Lead QA/QC Engineer - E & I

Construction -  Pearl GTL Project - C4

King Fahad Airbase


Superintendent / Electrical Engineer

King Fabad Airbase Projects,

Western Sector Commander -  O&M Wing,

Construction, Operation & Maintenance

Fluidtherm Technology (pvt) Ltd

Jan 1995Nov 1996

Service Engineer

Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning of Heat Treatment Furnaces and control boards

Sri Krishna Alloys (pvt) Ltd

Oct 1993Jan 1995

Electrical Engineer / Supervisor

Construction of new Steel plant, substations, water treatment plant.

Maintenance of Steel rolling mills, smelting furnaces, etc

Sri Mohan Industries (pvt) Ltd

Apr 1990Oct 1992

Electrical Supervisor

Electrical Contractor:

Construction and commissioning of Thermal power plants (Coal fired), textile mills, etc.

Maintenance of Steel plants, Textile and Processing mills, and knitting machines, etc.

Manufacturing & Installation of Electrical distribution boards,



Bacholer of Technology

Aptech Education

Certificate Course

ASP, Visual Basic 6.0 & Oracle 8.0, HTML, Autocad, etc

Board of Apprenticeship & Training

Oct 1992Oct 1993

B.Tech - Electrical


Mar 2008Mar 2008

Certificate Course HMI, SCADA & Automation  

State Board of Education & Training

Jul 2005Aug 2005

Certificate Course in Electrical Proficiency 

State Board of Education & Training

Jun 1987Mar 1990

Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering 


Project Management Professional - PMP



QMS - ISO 9001:2015 Quality Lead Auditor

Quality Auditor

Engineering Counsil - UK

Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

Tamilnadu Licensing Board

Mar 1993Mar 1998

"C" Certificate


Sam Bassir P.E.

Sam Bassir, P.E, Pearl GTL Project, Qatar

Mike Webb

ASU & Utility Construction Manager

EGTL Project, Nigeria

Dere Okitikpi

EGTL  Electrical Engineer , Nigeria

Andy Simmons

Escravos GTL Project,  Nigeria