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Transform innovative ideas to actions and results in an advanced network technology. Efficient leader, result oriented professional and ability to build creative capabilities from cutting edge technologies with professionally managed organization.


History, travel, politics, cricket, scripting, hacking


  • M.S., in Computer Networking with over a year of experience in IT-Telecom on Wireless data service and Network Administration and Management on UNIX based platform.
  • Lead engineer in an agile team, developed Shell/Perl scripts to check the performance of nodes, clusters on different online network campuses, implemented Macros on desired elements to check its functions on regular intervals.
  • Good understanding of OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol suite, Bridging and switching concepts, LAN technologies such as Ethernet-CSMA/CD, IP addressing and sub netting, Routing concepts, VLSM/CIDR. Working knowledge with routing protocols-RIP V1/V2, OSPF, EIGRP.
  •  Experience with wireless technologies - IEEE 802.11a/b/g/I, IEEE 802.16e, WEP, WPA/WPA2, and TLS. Also good knowledge with DIAMETER, SOAP protocols.
  • Designed and configured Information system on medium scale enterprise in project intern.
  • designed and developed TCL code to analyze the QOS in mobile broadband wireless access in context with IEEE 802.16e standard.
  • Good understanding of tools such as GNS3, packet tracer, Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Photoshop, NS-2.31, Net act, MS-office, VM-ware, Wire shark.
  • Skilled communicator with a strong aptitude of writing, responsible for co-coordinating client (Vodafone) on activities, RCA, and network availability information via call/mail 

Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Fault Management Engineer

Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Lead of an agile team to manage data traffic across the India. Designed and developed scripts to find the faults in the online network which slashed development time for nodes updates by 65%, this doubled speed of nodes turnaround to client while reducing engineering time.
  • Implemented daemon service and batch jobs for updating collecting CDR’s from workflow. Handled all technical and organizational aspects such as Create, modify, delete data packs, subscription and un subscription, creating 2G/3G packs rule check, throttling, removing of fault hardware’s,devices health check, tracing data traffic, subscription failures, USSD failures, escalating issues, fault initial analysis, track down the cause of failure, up gradation.
  • Provided simple, effective, and flexible solution to the problems with maximum efficiency by optimizing total cost of ownership, growth in revenue, and enhanced user experience.


Sep 2009Nov 2010


University of Bedfordshire

              Related Coursework:

Emerging technologies, Secure data communications, Network administration and management, Wireless technologies, Professional project management, Networks system, Distributed and parallel computing, Grid services and distributed networking.

My coursework exploring contemporary innovative network technologies, security vulnerabilities in online transaction, study on Bio-metric techniques, feasible study to build information system in medium scale organization with simulation techniques, hosting client server communication with several application protocols for remote administration, and transferring files, project management methodology for the product development process, and publishing and testing the web services using Java API.

Last but not least, my research project was to analyze the QOS such as reduction of the power consumption, less bandwidth utilization on open traffic session in mobile broadband wireless access in context with IEEE 802.16e standard.Performance analysis on distinct power saving technologies, network arguments and traffic by packet level simulation technique using Network simulator 2.31.

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Sep 2003Aug 2008


Yellamma Dasappa Institute of Technology

Attained cogitation on System engineering, various programming languages, Database, operating system and computer architecture, Object oriented programming. Developed and demonstrated project on e-commerce.


·      Win Scp, ZOC, Hyper Terminal, and Putty  
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
Operating System
Enterprises Linux, Fedora, Cent OS, Windows 7/XP/98, DOS
C, C++, Java
Scripting languages
·      Shell, AWK, Perl, TCL  
GUI programming
·        HTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX