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Work experience



Babysitting is one of my all time favorite things to do. I most frequently babysit two little girls, Hailey and Campbell, that go to my church. It is so much fun to hang out with them for the day, they are so sweet and well behaved! In addition to them, I also offer to babysit for multiple families in my church. 


Assistant Dance Teacher

Dance Til U Drop

As an assistant dance teacher, I just showed up to a certain class once a week on Tuesdays and helped out the teacher. All of the classes that I assisted with were really little girls and I mostly tried to round them up and did their dance in front of them to help them learn it. The experience was so much fun and definitely worth it.



Working towards Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma

Columbia City High School

I am currently a freshman and I am working hard to get my Academic Honors diploma when I graduate in 2018.




I have basic Photoshop knowledge from Mr. Moore's photography class taken at school.


For three years, I did photography in 4H, doing color, black and white, and salon prints. I am also currently in a photography class at school, so I have basic knowledge of the camera and how to take good photos from both of these experiences. 


I absolutely love to babysit. I started when I was about eleven or twelve, and have enjoyed it ever since. When I was twelve, I also started volunteering at my church's nursery, working especially with three to four year olds.


I started dancing when I was three years old, and have done it since then, making this year my twelfth year in it. Throughout my dancing career, I have done tap, jazz, ballet,  technique, and combo classes (classes for littler kids), as well as being an assistant dance teacher for three years.  


Since 7th grade, I have been working hard on my cheerleading skills, from jumps, to motions, to tumbling, to stunting. Now, a varsity cheerleader, my role is to pump up both the crowd and the players and promote school spirit. I absolutely love cheering and I hope to continue doing it all through my high school career.