Jade Cloward

Work experience

Work experience

Graphic Art Instructor/ Supervisor


•    Taught Graphic Design pre-press and press applications; created the Graphic Design curriculum, provided three levels of Graphic Design for academic and provisional certificates, provided technological direction for software and hardware, provided trouble shooting for MAC computers, supervised the LHS Graphics print shop [newsletters, logos, t-shirt creation, etc. (from artwork stage to t-shirt)]; assisted in networking this lab with (25) MAC computers, created yearly budgets.•    Clients included LaGrange College, LaGrange High, Troup High, and several LaGrange elementary schools.

May 1996 - Present

Art Director


•    Creates custom logos, brochures, inserts, resumes, rug designs; teaches Graphic Design, Web Design, Flash Animation, Web Browsing, and Web Emailing.•    Creates webpages, websites, web banners, HTML emails, Flash emails, Flash files, Flash intros, Flash calendars.•    Some clients include DeSoto Systems, Marriott Hotel, Meredien International, Adobe, Aquent, Liz Conces, Shackletts Photography, Principal Communications, New Focus Studio, Berrywood Billing Agency, Caribe Resorts, KRB Music.

Jan 2012 - Dec 2012

GUI Developer


  • Created and managed websites. Extensively used JQuery and CSS. We used all JQuery UI Tools to develop websites. Worked closely with PHP and JAVA Developers to assist and solve CSS issues. Created JQuery and Flash galleries and provided HTML/CSS templates with JQuery tools for developers. Built JQuery Tabs and Accordions for these Developers. Assisted in the development of two websites.
May 2004 - Jan 2008

Design/Animation Instructor


•    Taught multimedia courses [Graphic – Web – Flash Development, Video Editing and 3D Animation].•    SME or Supervisor for over 30 campuses; created and proofed curriculum for GDA courses of the GDA Task Force Team.

Jan 2007 - Jun 2007

Web Designer


•    Created websites, assisted the graphic designers, and assisted the Plate Department with processing film at the R.I.P. station.

Jul 2002 - Feb 2003

Art Director


•    Directed all multimedia projects, created monthly and yearly budgets from $0-$150,000.

Sep 1998 - Jun 2000

Graphic Designer/ Asst. Supervisor


•    Created pages, cover pages, special cover pages, ads, and graphics; assisted in supervising the composing room, server room, and R.I.P. station; provided educated art direction to my boss and other graphic designers in Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.