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Work experience

Broadway Juniors School

During my work experience at Broadway Juniors School  I was provided with the opportunity to support the class teachers as well as the children.

My responsibilities included, helping the teacher prepare the classroom for lessons and clearing up at the end of the school day.  I also worked with the children to help during reading time and other lessons during the week.

I had to develop skills quickly so that I could talk to the children in a way that they would understand and would feel comfortable with. 

Working with children is a postition of great trust and it was of vital importantance that I behaved in a way that was appropriate to thesituation at all times as well as dressing in a manner that was suitable to the environment.

I also had to be prompt and punctual at all times as the school worked to a strict timetable.

I enjoyed working at the school and was grateful for the opportunity to experience this kind of work


Hylton College

During my schools work experience I was given the opportunity to attend the Hylton Skills Campus Hair and Beauty Department.  I had a great interest in this area when I was at school and so was keen to gain as many skills as possible during the short time of my placement. 

I spent much of my time practicing various skills such as curling hair which I found to be very  valuable and this helped ot develop my insight in to the industry.

During my work experience I also had to use and develop other skills such as working with adults in an environment that was very different from school.  I also had to plan my route to and from my placement to ensure that I arrived on time.

I found this of to be great use and was grateful for the experience I was offered and for the skills that I was given the opportunity to develop.


Sep 2008Apr 2009

NVQ Level One

City of Sunderland College (Shiney Row)
Sep 2003Jun 2008


Sandhill View School

Maths GCSE                           D

English Language                C

English Literature                  C

Health and Social Care        CC

BTEC Science                        Merit

OCR I.T                                    Distinction