Jacquelyn Livingston

  • Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, US Minnesota
Jacquelyn Livingston

 | Natural Resources Lover | Career Seeker | Driven, Reliable, Adaptable


I am particularly interested in how journalism, social media, and/or visual media can educate and spread awareness of environmental issues, influence behavior, and inspire action.

I am actively pursuing career opportunities related to:

  • Conservation Writing/Editing or Social Media Management,
  • Natural Resources Management,
  • Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation, and/or 
  • Environmental Policy

I am seeking opportunities in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area as well as on the East Coast.

I am more than willing to relocate for the right position.

I possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and pride myself on my ability to engage with diverse audiences and translate complex environmental topics into material that is plain-language, relate-able, and interesting to the general public.

Additionally, I am highly organized, detail-oriented, reliable, adaptable, and self-motivated. I'm an efficient independent worker, but also enjoy and thrive in team environments.

Long-term, I hope to someday play a part in the management, conservation, and/or rehabilitation of our oceans. I believe that they play a key role in sustaining our economy, providing recreational opportunities, and contributing to our physical and mental health.


Sep 2011 - Dec 2014

B.S. Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (Emphasis: Policy, Planning, Law, & Society)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Professional Experience

Work experience
Dec 2015 - Present

Marketing Assistant

The Nature Conservancy

Compile, create, write, edit, and schedule content for The Nature Conservancy Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota Facebook accounts. 

Jun 2015 - Dec 2015

Commission Assistant

Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (LSOHC)

As Commission Assistant for the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council I provided administrative support by scheduling meetings, producing and maintaining digital and paper files, updating the program management database, and generating reports via the database. I also conducted applicable research, and managed correspondence with Council Members, members of the media, legislative staff, the general public, and Project Managers. I communicated daily with Project Managers to support project management by reviewing funding proposals, accomplishment plans, amendments, and final reports, gathering and producing presentation materials, and addressing general concerns/inquiries. In addition to my administrative duties, I assisted with the planning, preparation, and conduction of Council meetings. I produced draft agendas, reviewed/edited memos, coordinated presenters, created, published, and collated all materials, transcribed the meeting minutes, and conducted any necessary follow-up activities. Furthermore, I provided website administration support by developing, posting, and maintaining website content. Currently, under a short-term contract with the Commission, I am responsible for data entry of historical amendments, conducting social media research, and assisting with the planning of an upcoming workshop.

Jan 2015 - Jun 2015

Legislative Assistant *Session only position*

Minnesota House of Representatives, Sergeant-at-Arms Department
  • Provide clerical assistance to the Sergeant-at-Arms Department; maintain daily calendar, schedule meetings, coordinate schedules, received visitors
  • Process applications for key cards, keys, and parking requests
  • Maintain floor pass records and issue floor passes to guests of Members
  • Created and maintain lost and found record keeping system
  • Attend House sessions and occasional committee hearings
May 2014 - Dec 2014

Climate Change and Natural Resources Management - Student Worker

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Division, Policy and Planning Unit, Climate Adaptation Team

As a Student Worker with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, I developed and managed a private staff website and produced and distributed a monthly e-newsletter. I created, compiled, posted, and maintained all content for both projects. Additionally, I promoted and managed website membership and newsletter subscription(s). The website gained 50+ members within the first month and boasted a 42% return-user rate with sessions averaging 8 minutes. The newsletter was initially internal, but was soon forwarded to a local citizen group by their request. Both projects were extremely well-received, highly praised, and are still being implemented. Furthermore, I conducted extensive literature reviews, created over 40 bibliographies, drafted a restoration outline, and independently led a conference call with 6 Natural Resource Managers.

May 2014 - Dec 2014

Policy Intern

Dovetail Partners, Inc.

While an Intern at Dovetail Partners, Inc., a non-profit organization, I authored and published a report as well as developed an online document which offered a simplified version of a previous report.  Both undertakings required translation of complex scientific material into plain-language documents.