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Work experience

Aug 2011Apr 2013

Inventory Control Specialist

Walmart Supercenter, NC

Inventory Control Specialist Responsible for the successful use of power lifts. Demonstrated the ability to conduct inventory counts and finalize inventory reports. Aided backroom staff in unloading and distributing bulk merchandise. Responsible for assisting customers with binned inventory. Instrumental in assisting floor supervisors with stored merchandize by binning, picking, and controlling accurate counts.

Sep 2008Aug 2011


Ingles Markets

Kings Mountain, NC Cashier Dedicated to accurate computations through monetary transactions. Consistent in focusing on customer service and product information. Maintain work area cleanliness. Preventative measures implemented through visual cross contamination risk. Motivated to meet and excel current cashier production margin.

Jan 1997Oct 2008

Benefits Analyst

Provident/Cigna Healthcare

Gastonia, NC Medical/Dental Benefits Analyst Demonstrated analytical skills through medical and dental claim investigations. Assessed defining factors through medical histories, doctor and patient notifications Responsible for payment of medical, medication, dental claims accustom to company plan specifics and percentages. Consistently met loop claim payment production and quality assurance staff standards. Familiarized incorporation of IDC-9 code congruent to time specifications and physician payment. Talents utilized in rapid data entry, mailroom, and microfilm procedures. Motivated private time to learning switch board procedure with secretarial staff.

Sep 2007Mar 2008


Cochran Enterprises

Cherryville, NC Cashier Skilled machine operations in a restaurant setting. Cross trained in different positions to meet the company supply and demand strategies. Committed to customer satisfaction and company satisfaction through quality products and incorporated up-sale promotions. Assisted co-workers with teamwork and positive attitude to meet daily challenges at peak sales time.

Oct 2005Dec 2005

Rudolph's Pen

Rudolph's Pen

Gastonia, NC Seasonal Personalizing Assessed customer needs by creating person oriented phrases on holiday and seasonal ornaments. Maintain integrity of the kiosk and company standards. Quality penmanship with a concentration on creativity and uniqueness. Applied ability to appeal to the emotional side of the customer and provide the appropriate products and services. Strong unsupervised work environment.

Jun 2004Oct 2004

Comserv Inc

Comserv Inc

Dallas, NC Education Aide II Incorporated educational values in intermediate level developmentally disabled children. Open-lines of communication for parent interactions and assisted interventions for constructive and advanced child care. Aided in social, visual interaction. Hands on personal care, tube feedings diaper changes, potty procedures and active playtime.

Jan 2002Mar 2004


Rice & Company

Lincolnton, NC Direct Service Provider Assisted transport to and from day and social activities. Med clinic participant. Billed habilitation activities according to client goals and accomplishments. Demonstrated quality support team for client counseling sessions when experiencing client based crisis. Skilled in NC-I preventative and self-defense training.

Nov 2000Dec 2001

Community Based Service Worker

Life Span, Inc

Gastonia, NC Community Based Service Worker Provide community support services concentration focused on advancing social awareness through community interactions. Active in social development by incorporating bus schedules, counting money through public purchases, encourage development of people skills through recreational center visits Encouraged autistic population to try new adventures and avenues of learning in the community.

Aug 1999Aug 2001

Habilitation Aide

Pathways Mental Health

Gastonia, NC Habilitation Aide II Supportive overnight implementation of independent client care. Encouraged self-medication skills through staff assisted medication education. Assisted in encouraged motivational development/community development through structured transitional placement. Consistently followed program specifics. Responsible for daily and monthly documentation records. Accountable for medication documentation, drug counts, and notification of drug reorders. Implemented individuality through provided choices and independent social activities for each resident. Utilized abilities in mental health by caring for all levels of consumers. Worked according to available hours in other facilities.

Sep 1997Jul 2000

Henning & Associates

Henning & Associates

Lincolnton, NC Demonstrated active ability to reach emotional and physical violent client population. Utilized a caring demeanor for reoccurring abuse issues. Created a homely atmosphere with choices directed to individual residential needs. Frequently incorporated soft-teachings to lessen episodes of anger and targeted behaviors. Provided daily documentation and behavior documentation. Created a social atmosphere by planning activities with client house members and outside peers. Administered as need meds. Administered daily meds. Communicated accomplishments and obstacles to company team support and case managers for sufficient habilitation plans.

Feb 1996Sep 1997


Hardee's Food Systems

Manager Strategic placement of man hours through daily profit reports. Utilized salary managers to aid in store profits by working specified hourly job stations. Negotiated salaries and hire all employees. Set goals and standard for all employees to strive for. Visualized successful inventories manifested a 30% sales improvement. Structured truck order to meet profit specifics. Cross trained all shift trainers for management. Utilized company meetings and management conferences through company travel. Motivated proper franchise trainings and employee procedure knowledge through new training program and hands-on skills test. Participated in company-wide employee contest.

Sep 1994Oct 1996

Shift Manager

McDonalds Jeanne, Inc

Shift Manager Responsible for overseeing shift and monetary procedures. Efficient in reducing drive-thru time through team work. Responsible for deposits and safe computations. Assertive in employee weakness and product quality. Meet customer satisfaction demands. Implemented job skills at other stores within franchise ownership. OTHER ABILITIES Certified Nursing Assistant Number 153489


Dec 2012Feb 2015

Bachelors of Science Public Health

Walden University
Jan 2011Jul 2011

Allied Health

South University
Apr 1994Mar 2004

Medical Office Administration

Cleveland Community College


community habilitation
Patient Care
professional imaging



May 1995May 11997

Certified Nursing Assistant

State of North Carolina
Patient Care