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why me?

I'm hungry, innovative and determined. My studies ended a few months ago, the University of the Arts solidified my need for a career in the media and creative industries.

 In the past two years dealing with the trials and tribulations of the screenwriting process I worked full time in a restaurant. It served the purpose of paying the bills and I could keep my mind on the school. But now that I'm free to pursue my career, I can't wait to witness my untapped potential, finally able to give everything for a project.

Having lived all my life between London and Italy, I still consider myself to be "from the Internet". I love travelling martial arts and video-games, but at the core I'm yet another geek. I'm in touch with the current trends and I want to leave  my mark in the new world.

I just need to create, whether it is a movie, a leaflet or a tweet. 


Jan 2013Dec 2014

Master in Screenwriting

University of the arts london

Had the time of my life, writing screenplays, developing original content and sharing hundreds of ideas? Sounds like a dream. That's the kind of workplace I'm seeking.

Oct 2008Oct 2011

Bachelor degree in Anthropology

University of bologna

A lifetime away. Learned a few things about black magic, so there's that...

Work experience

OMG restaurants

Nope, that's not a new cool startup. All those years I've spent in the CIty, I had to pay the bills and my studies while working in various restaurants. I know what hard work is, and now I can finally dive 100% in the next adventure. It's time to use my geek-weirdo skills towards something fulfilling. 


I'm quite handy, I can fix any hardware/software issue in a computer, open cars without a key. I once fell in the Loch Ness and lived the homeless life in Norway. I cry during most movies, yet often root for the bad guys.