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10-year professional in higher education, English literature/composition, and media/communications seeking employment in multidisciplinary fields. My strengths are in bringing together disparate groups and disciplines to approach problem-solving from holistic, coordinated perspectives and moderating differences in communicative techniques. As a college instructor, I'm also competent in curriculum design, classroom management, and, of course, public speaking. 



Ph.C. English Literature & Language

University of Washington

ABD in English. Post-Enlightenment literature, thought, and politics. Theories & practice of argumentation, persuasion, and judgment. 


M.A. English Literature

University of Washington

Digital Humanities & Cultures; Intersections of Humanities, Science/Technology, and Social Policy.  


M.A. Social Sciences

University of Chicago

20th C. American History &  Media Studies, Critical Theory, Elvis Studies. 


B.A. History

University of Central Arkansas

18th-20th C. American & European History, with a minor in Honors interdisciplinary studies.

Work experience



Birnam & Woods Blockchain Research Institute

I established this limited liability company in 2018 to explore the emerging economic ecosystems surrounding blockchain technology, especially applications in publishing, media, education, and IP. B&W also manages cryptocurrency portfolios and provides consulting for those interested in learning more about the field. 


Predoctoral Teaching Associate

University of Washington, Expository Writing Program

Taught 100 and 200-level English literature and composition classes at UW's Seattle campus. This teaching position is an all-encompassing pedagogical job, including curriculum design, course administration, lecture & discussion facilitation, and one-to-one conferences. I was also been a mentor teaching assistant since 2014, offering my guidance to incoming teaching cohorts.


Research Coordinator

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Oversaw the qualitative research arm of the Office of Institutional Research. This role was concerned with identifying techniques for measuring student academic performance indicators and designing research projects that contextualized raw quantitative data within a meaningful context. This job stood at an interesting intersection between academic theory and practical policy, and the reports generated were intended to guide the development of the college in a way that rewards  its students.  


Associate Editor

Common Ground Publishing

Edited scholarly articles for The Technology Collective, a journal by CG Publishing.


Public Speaking

But my work has always involved public speaking, any by now it has become second nature. I'm comfortable speaking either extemporaneously or from prepared remarks.


An extension of public speaking, teaching involves a particular attention to audience engagement and emotional intelligence. Teaching has also trained me in how to master a subject and prepare to teach it quickly, as well as synthesize materials into an overall course or project.

Curriculum & Program Design

My teaching position at UW is an "all-inclusive" job, meaning that, beyond a few core guidelines, I am responsible for the entirety of my class. This involves writing and curating all course materials, overseeing managerial tasks, team management, evaluating performance, and maintaining  accurate records. 

Research & Writing

...and all the skills thereto appertaining. Copywriting, multimedia competency, editing, fact-checking, &c. 

Media Literacy

Extensive knowledge of media history, theory, best practices, financing, advertising, and the intersections of traditional and social medias platforms.

Critical & Creative Thinking

There is a distinction between the two. Creative thinking involves exploring possibilities and imagination, while critical thinking concerns finding their limitations. My work involves finding the balance.


I am a moderator who prefers to defuse conflict and mediate dispute where possible. I tend to believe that most flash points are derived from an imperfect understanding between parties, and I work to mitigate those misunderstandings. 

Grant Management

My work in college administration included hands-on work in all stages of the grant writing, award, and oversight process. Familiar with federal grant rules and regulation. 

Talks & Publications