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VMware workstation
I use VMware to host many different OS's.
A control system that helps with help desk task and also with the active directory.
Exchange Server
Active Directory

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Systems Administrator

Catholic Answers

Since starting at Catholic Answers I have moved up to better positions three times within the first year of working here.  I started as a part time warehouse worker that moved into full time within a month.  As a warehouse worker I helped in getting a forklift by doing the research  and seeing each of them.  I streamlined the shipping area of the products.  I move all the product shelving units to make it so the workers are at the center of all the product from being a library style set up.

The next position I held was radio engineer.  I ran the board for Catholic Answers LIVE.  It was a fast pace position in that you had to make sure people were following the FCC's rules and not saying something that could cause problems.  I had to post the shows on the website in the radio calendar so people coming to the website could listen to past shows.

The next position I got was the one I have now, Systems Admin.  This has been a great position for me.  It challenges my mind.  This has been my learning platform.  Provided support to end users on a variety of issues. Identifies, researches, and resolves technical problems. Responded to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for technical support. Documented tracked and monitored the problems and ensure a timely resolution.


Mail Carrier

US Postal Service

Went from full time to part time and needed a full time position.


Supply / warehouse / electrical builder


Laid off.


Assistant Manager

Cold Stone Creamy

I was the Assistant Manager for three different stores (Hillcrest, Parkway and Alpine)


Ranger / Intelligence Analyst

US Army

Had a medical discharge (Honorable discharge), after being in a parachute accident.  Received many commander coins for the work I did.  The place where I learned to be a leader and follow directions well.  Also they taught me to be able to adopt to anything and learn quickly.  I also learned that your team is as strong as your weakest person, so it helps the team to strive to get everyone up to a higher standard (by training and by giving step by step instructions, so they can understand and then be able to teach someone else).


Aug 2010Jun 2012

Bachelor of Science

DeVry University

Courses in my major:

Connectivity with Lab 

This course covers fundamentals of data communication and computer networking, including the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. Network architecture and configurations such as local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) are addressed. Grade -  B

Principles of Information Systems Security

This course provides a broad overview of information systems security in organizations. Topics include security concepts and mechanisms; mandatory and discretionary controls; basic cryptography and its applications; intrusion detection and prevention; information systems assurance; and anonymity and privacy. Various types of controls used in information systems, as well as security issues surrounding the computer and computer-generated data, are also addressed.  Grade -  A

Business Application Programming with Lab

Building on analysis, programming and database skills developed in previous courses, this course introduces fundamental principles and concepts of developing programs that support typical business processing activities and needs such as transaction processing and report generation. Students develop business-oriented programs that deal with error handling, data validation and file handling. Java is the primary programming language used.  Grade -  A

Web Interface Design with Lab

This course introduces Web design and basic programming techniques for developing effective and useful Web sites. Coursework emphasizes Web site structure and navigational models, practical and legal usability considerations, and performance factors related to using various types of media and tools such as hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), dynamic HTML (DHTML) and scripting. Dreamweaver and Flash are the primary software tools used.  Grade -  A

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Building on the foundation established in CIS-321, students explore techniques, tools and methods used in the object-oriented approach to developing applications. Students learn how to model and design system requirements using tools such as Unified Modeling Language (UML), use cases and scenarios, class diagrams and sequence diagrams.  Grade - A

Structured Analysis and Design

This course introduces the systems analysis and design process using information systems methodologies and techniques to analyze business activities and solve problems. Students learn to identify, define and document business problems and then develop information system models to solve them. Grade - B

Business Continuity

This course focuses on preparing for, reacting to and recovering from events that threaten the security of information and information resources, or that threaten to disrupt critical business functions. Students examine various levels of threats to an organization[Char#25]s information assets and critical business functions, as well as develop policies, procedures and plans to address them. Technology specific to thwarting disruption and to supporting recovery is also covered. Grade - A

Data Privacy and Security

This course focuses on legal, ethical and security issues involving data and information assets organizations must address to ensure operational continuity as well as compliance with standards, policies and laws. Students examine various levels of threats to an organization[Char#25]s data and develop standards, policies, procedures and plans to combat them. Security technology specific to safeguarding data and information assets is also covered.

Web Security

This course examines issues involved in protecting Web-based applications from external threats while safeguarding customer privacy and accessibility. Students examine external threats to an organization[Char#25]s systems and develop strategies that support systems and business goals. 

Information Systems Security Planning and Audit

This course provides an in-depth look at risk factor analysis that must be performed in order to design a flexible and comprehensive security plan. Topics include assessing threats, developing countermeasures, protecting information, and security designs processes. Auditing practices used to verify compliance with policies and procedures, as well as for building a case for presentation in private and public settings, are also covered.


Ray DaSilva

Tim Staples

Kathy Stone

Jim Rodgers

My direct supervisor.

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Top Secret/SCI

US Army