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Jacob Frew

Ohio State University Business Information Systems Student

Work experience

Oct 2006Nov 2009

Information Manager Specialist

United States Air Force-Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Information Manager Specialist at (3years2 months) Provides administrative support and desktop support(as the Client System Administrator) to the Nuclear Management Information System(NUMIS), the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile database and the Nuclear Information Management and Cataloging Systems(NIMACS), a database that tracks over $100 million in inventoried nuclear weapons and components. Responsible for the creation, receipt, issue and destruction of all classified material associated with NUMIS and NIMACS. Prepares and monitors all official correspondence for accuracy and proper coordination and delivery. Responsible for the creation and management of the entire section's classified and unclassified file plans. Responsible for the creation and tracking of all travel orders generated within the section and maintaining the travel budget within guidelines provided by higher headquarters. ADDITIONAL DUTIES: Supply Custodian, Property Custodian, Alternate Vehicle Control Officer, and Government Purchase Card holder.
Dec 2004Nov 2009

Senior Airman

USAF USAF-88th Air Base Wing
SENIOR AIRMAN, Pay Grade E-4 at (5 years) Page1 Senior Airman(SrA). SrA are commonly used as skilled technicians and trainers. It is essential SrA begin developing supervisory and leadership skills through progressive responsibility on the job, PME, individual study, and mentoring by their supervisors. When utilized as supervisors, SrA strive to establish themselves as effective first-line supervisors, through maximum use of guidance and assistance from the NCOs above them. SrA can be utilized as reporting officials upon completion of Airman Leadership School(ALS). SrA operate at the tactical level. The official term of address is Senior Airman or Airman. 3A051, Information Management Journeyman at USAF
Nov 2003Nov 2009

Information Manager

USAF-88th Air Base Wing
6 years 1 month) Information Manager at
Sep 2005Oct 2006

Information Manager

WPAFB, OH USAF USAF-88th Air Base Wing
1 year 2 months) Information Manager at USAF-Central Command
Apr 2005Sep 2005

Information Manager

USAF-88th Air Base Wing USAF USAF-88th Air Base Wing
6 months) Information Manager at
Mar 2003Apr 2005


2 years 2 months) OH
Apr 2003Dec 2004


AIRMAN FIRST CLASS, Pay Grade E-3 at (1 year 9 months) Airman First Class(A1C). A1Cs fully comply with Air Force standards and are expected to devote their efforts to the mastery of skills required in their career fields and the military profession, while becoming effective team members. After a few months at their first duty station, they are usually skilled on numerous tasks. Continued supervision is essential to A1Cs' ongoing technical and professional growth. They typically earn their 5-skill level at this grade. A1Cs operate at the tactical level. The official term of address is Airman First Class or Airman.
Nov 2003Mar 2004

Information Manager

USAF-88th Communications Squadron
Information Manager at (5 months) WPAFB, OH
Aug 2002Nov 2003

Information Manager

USAF-Aeronautical Systems Center
Information Manager at (1 year 4 months) WPAFB, OH
Aug 2002Nov 2003

Information Management Apprentice

USAF-Aeronautical Systems Center
3A031, Information Management Apprentice at USAF (1 year 4 months) Page2
Jun 2002Apr 2003


AIRMAN, Pay Grade E-2 at (11 months) Airman(Amn). Amn, while still primarily in a learning capacity, are expected to understand and conform to military standards, customs and courtesies. Despite primarily being in a learning capacity, if at their first duty station, Amn, over time, often begin to show some job proficiency at basic tasks. They will still require significant supervision and support. Amn operate at the tactical level. The official term of address is Airman.
May 2002Aug 2002

Information Manager

USAF-366th Training Squadron
4 months) Information Manager Student at




The Ohio State University


American Public University System

Central Ohio Technical College