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Accomplished Production, Quality Control, Sales, and Customer Service Manager who adequately multi-tasks and balances customer needs with company demands. Effectively promotes and integrates new policies and procedures involving safety, codes of conduct, ethical standards, employee record systems, and company mission statements. Efficiently builds loyalty and long-term relationships with customers, while consistently reaching sales/production targets. Possesses the nessasary leadership skills needed to effectively manage a variety of diverse employees and personalities.

Work experience


Co-Owner/Director of Business Development & Quality Control

CITVN Globethics America representing Geneva based Globethics Initiative

Right now I am assisting this for-profit organization acting as the Director of Business Development & Quality Control with the possibility of turning it into a successful venture. Through our work, we raise money to help open Sober Homes using The Oxford House model. We look to place homeless recovering addicts and Veterans. We produce and organize a series of documentaries and global webcast events. Our 2017 theme is climate change and sustainability. I seek out and identify world class presenters, moderators and participants across all academic disciplines that will support our cause through purchasing underwriter banners. Globethics network is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s an association of 173,000 ethics professionals. We host a free library and facilitate international forums and work groups focused on the ethics of technology, education, business, economics, environment, United Nations sustainable development, religion, conflict resolution, public service, and leadership. Globethics took this initiative to ensure that persons - especially in Africa, Asia and Latin-America - have access to good quality and up to date knowledge resources.


Assistant General Manager/Quality Control

Extreme's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

Implemented and promoted a new set of policies and procedures involving safety, code of conduct, ethical standards, employee record systems, and company mission statements for all employees in the office, field service technicians, and comfort advisers. Obligations and responsibilities included handling all customer complaints/compliments and ensuring that the outcome or was resolved promptly and to the satisfaction of the customer, strategically coordinating new marketing initiatives with various media outlets in order to maximize exposure and generate a positive return on investment and analyzing key performance indicators of all technicians daily to ensure we were on pace to exceed monthly budget. Visited customers during and after the installation of new residential HVAC equipment to ensure quality was maintained and ensured that we exceeded their expectations, handled all of the companies hiring of and termination of incoming and outgoing employees, and led daily morning meetings where I encouraged motivation by uniting everyone on the importance of our mission and the key contribution each individual has in the company's success. Through new policies and procedures I developed infraction forms to promote accountability. Enforced a strict dress
code using a detailed scoring guide to ensure that our image remained impeccable.

Position was dissolved by company.


Assistant Manager

LA Fitness

Led sales training with team members to establish sales and customer retention goals. Negotiated and closed new membership sales finishing ahead of my counterparts in the state of Ohio every pay period. Monitored customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts. Assisted in determining membership prices, schedules, and discount rates. Networked with established members in order to encourage the benefits and higher success rate of reaching fitness goals when a friend works out with them.


Property Maintenance Manager

Floridian Apartment's & Properties

Tasked with and was responsible for a 60 unit apartment complex. Oversaw a maintenance staff consisting of 3 maintenance professionals and ensured that all units within the apartment complex were up to code. Kept the property looking nice and made sure that all of the various systems, from plumbing to electrical to heating, remained in working order. Reduced and controlled expenses by tracking supplies used per job. Directed strategic initiatives to finish renovation projects.


Operations/Data Manager


Managed a team of 13-16 team members on the Pre-Load. Reduced and controlled expenses by reducing our sort time. Ensured that we reacted in a swift and timely manner to belt shut offs and damaged packages to meet production goals and prioritize safety. Trained, coached, and mentored staff to facilitate the smooth adoption of a new scanning and labeling system for packages. Verified that all address information in the computer systems were up-to-date and accurate. Compiled statistical information for special reports and briefings. Created new orders in the Address Management System (AMS). Monitored pre-load schedules to ensure the delivery of 5,000+ packages daily. Optimized the overall customer experience by maintaining a 103% average production rate percentage to goal exceeding standards by 16%. Kept the turnover rate at 1 new employee over 4 years. Directed safety initiatives that resulted in a 3 year accident free streak.



High school diploma

New Oxford Senior High School

I made a difference in a lot of my fellow classmates lives through being a positive role model and friend. Throughout the years of high school I became more influential to others not by popularity but through aiding and helping others succeed and prosper in life. As a senior in High School I was voted for 2 senior superlatives, one being most School Spirited and the other Most Outgoing. Also during my senior year I was voted for and crowned by my peers The 2007 Homecoming King and Prom King. Maintained a 3.0 GPA.



Business Management & Quality Control
Microsoft Office
Previously Haz-Mat Certified, and previously licensed to operate a forklift
Strategic implementation of a variety of business initiatives
7+ years of Management experience

Management Expert

Initiative - Ability to obtain information from several sources to address and present needs.
Influence - Can enlist the support and cooperation of others and encourage them to be proactive.
Decision Making - Can make decisions and take responsibility for them.
Ethics - Personal and professional ethics that foster a diverse and respectful workplace.
Even Temperament – Controlled emotions sustaining from retaliating to negative behavior.
Analytical Thinking - Apply logic to solve problems and get the job done.
Client Service - Ability to respond to clients and anticipate their needs.
Conflict Resolution - Work to resolve differences and maintain work relationships.
Excellent communication - Can use language effectively to gather information and facilitate the exchange of ideas.
Leadership - The ability to establish a team effort that promotes working towards a common goal.
Management Skills - Financial and people management as well as the management of information on several levels.
Risk Management & Assessment - Taking action to evaluate and minimize risks to the company and its employees.
Thoroughness - Sees to it that one's own and others work is accurate and complete. Works with diligence and care and ensures all commitments are fulfilled.
Project Management - Can bring together all aspects of a project, such as resources or planning, that are needed to complete it efficiently and in a timely manner.

Professional References

Melanie and Doug Washburn- Extreme’s One Hour, Owner / Operator's, P- (937) 673-6038
Jason Herrell- Territory Manager, 2J Supply, Inc., P- (937) 620-3723
Patrick McClellan- Territory Manager, Trane, P- (513) 460-8318
PaulJ Courtright- Sales Territory Manager, Goodman/Amana, P- (937) 474-8908
Ronald Clapp- Floridian Apartments & Properties, Owner, P- (561) 385-5675
Stephen Devol- CITVN Globethics American Representative, Owner, P- (937) 938-5784

Personal Character References

Moses Gonzalez- Business Owner, Personal Acquaintance 2 years, P- (561) 452-5490
Carla Nesbitt- Business Owner, Personal Acquaintance 1 year, P- (937) 673-3016
Melyni Ray- Business Owner, Personal Acquaintance 1 year, P- (513) 441-3850
Brandon Vamos- Lead Install Technician, Personal Acquaintance 1 year, P- (937) 768-5916
Erik Reiger- Sales Director, Personal Acquaintance 1 year, P- (937) 286-7295
Drew Irwin- North American Territory Director, Personal Acquaintance 14years, P- (717) 524-9097
Flow Storm- Professional Assistant, Personal Acquaintance 13 Years, P- (717) 965-0772