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Jacob Michael Cooke

Jake Cooke's Resume


I know I'm young, and it may not help me out much with experience but it does give me an advantage over most because I'm extremely hardworking, one might even say workaholic at times. I'm also very energetic and fast paced. I'm extremely social and a definitely a people person, very intelligent, and easily capable of managing and completing multiple tasks and or job assignments at once. I consider my self a leader, very respectful, and capable of handling difficult stressful situations. That's just how I was raised, it's been instilled in me since I was a child.



Academic Diploma

Western Hills High School

Attended Western Hills High School in Frankfort Kentucky, from August 12th, 2006 until June 7th, 2010. I received an Academic Diploma instead of the regular Diploma, due to the fact that I amy cquired 32 course credits, 4 more than the required 28. I played 3 sports (football, baseball, and basketball) throughout high school and was a member of FFA as well. Along with regular high school classes I also attended Franklin Co. Vocational School and became certified in CPR, carpentry, auto & diesel mechanics, as well becoming a CNA (certified nursing assistant) at the age of 17. I was voted most dedicated student of my class of 2010. 


CNA (certified nursing assistant)

Franklin Co. Vocational School

Became a certified Nursing Assistant in 2009, at the age of 17.


Apprentice Carpenter

Franklin Co. Vocational School

Earned Apprentice in Carpentry Certificate in 2006 my freshman year of high school.


Basic Auto & Diesel Mechanics Certificate

Franklin Co. Vocational School

Earned a Basic Auto & Diesel Mechanics Certificate the second semester of my senior year 2010.


Certificate in Welding

Franklin Co. Vocational School

Earned my Certificate in Welding my junior year of high school.


EMT (emergency medical technician)

Green Co. EMS

Took a 18 week course in Greensburg Kentucky back in 2013 at Green County EMS (emergency medical service) and earned my certification in BLS (basic life support) and became a certified EMT. Also became certified in CPR from this course.

Work experience


Car Sales

Chrysler of Lawrenceburg

Worked as a car salesman at the Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Lawrenceburg dealership. Job duties consisted of the following:

1. Making sales calls to credit applicants on the daily, and setting up appointments with customers.

2. Watching and keeping an eye on the car lot or "Taking Point" as we called it at all times during business hours, even while occupied with other work duties, in order to greet and welcome customers in a timely Manor.

3. Filled out applications and ran credit checks on applicants. 

4. Took customers on test drives and gave a complete visual presentation on the vehicle to customers while answering any and all questions and concerns.

5. Fill out all the necessary paperwork and applications on all sales made.

6. Maintain a dress code (shirt, tie, slacks, belt, and dress shoes) at all times while on company time.

7. Check all vehicles for gas, low tires, fluids, and minor repairs and perform necessary adjustments if needed.

8. Always maintain a friendly and confident attitude, while at the same time being in complete control of the customer and sale, in order to be of maximum benefit to the customer while also maintaining customer satisfaction.

9. Complete customer follow-ups.

10. Always make yourself available.

11. Able to work in all weather and stress conditions, slow and fast pace. Rain, shine, sleet, or snow.

12. Make the sale.


Construction Worker & Heavy Machine Operator

Triple P Construction

Basic residential construction, as well as concrete and masonry work. Most projects were residential houses and small businesses, but 75% of the job was concrete and masonry. Driveways, sidewalks, foundations, support beams, and swimming pools. Job duties consisted of the following:

1. Reading blueprints, calculating measurements and fittings.

2. Provide your own personal tools.

3. Basic carpentry and mathematic skills

4. Extreme weather conditions and long hours.

5. Always put safety first and keep your head on a swivel, always watching your surroundings.

6. Operating tools and machinery (small personal as well as heavy machines).

7. Pay attention to detail, and always double check every measurement.

8. Stay healthy and keep hydrated, we'll nourished, and drug free.

9. Heavy lifting (1lb-300lbs).

10. Work as a team, and always watch your fellow employees back, lending a hand whenever need be.


Maintenance/Property Management

JCPS (Jefferson Co. Public Schools)

Worked for JCPS as a general maintenance and property manager. This consisted of 3 different school properties in the southeast district of Louisville. Job duties consisted of the following:

1. Always maintain proper dress code, and conduct while on the school premises and around students and staff. 

2. Perform daily clean ups, and general safety checks.

3. Open and lock school building doors.

4. Maintain and manicure school properties and lawns, as well as all properties associated with JCPS schools (sport complexes and fields)

5. Perform general maintenance and repairs to school properties (electric, plumbing, lawn & garden, minor construction) unless professional help is required.

6. Operating a tractor and bush-hog, as well as lawnmower/weeded terse.

7. Assist school staff whenever available.

8. Always maintain a friendly but professional attitude.




5 star restaurant Sarafinis, started as a host,  quickly was promoted to server. In the meantime I started to pick up extra hours in between shifts working in the back of the house as a Kitchen-Prep and dishwasher. Job Duties Included:

1. Maintain dress code.

2. Able to work at a fast pace.

3. Always be safe and sanitary while handling customers food.

4. Keep a clean restaurant/work area.

5. Flexible hours, never know when I would get sent home early or if I'd have to stay late to pick up slack.

6. Maintain a friendly attitude, and always put the customers first.

7. Memorize menus and dish recipes and ingredients, as well as all the prices.


Certified Forklift Operator

Certification that shows I've complete safety and training in order to legally operate a forklift machine.

BLS (basic life support)

BLS is basic life support training given to professionals that assist patients in life threatening situations, in order to keep them alive until they reach a medical facility.


I'm both left and right hand dominant, or can basically do any task using either hand with the same results

People & Social Skills

I'm really great with people, I'm very outgoing. I've always been very social and outgoing, which makes me love to interact with people on a regular basis.