• New London OH
Jacob Mcintosh

Jacob Mcintosh


I'm a sophomore in high school with a very strong work ethic and I am very eager to learn new things. l am enrolled in a college credit plus class and get good grades. I am excited to go to college and learn new things and expand my knowledge

Work History

Work History

Aug 2010 - Present
Maple Ridge Farm




Aug 2014 - Jun 2018
New London High School

working towards high school diploma



volunteer work

I have helped on a farm that the farmers cancer came back and he needed extra help so I volunteered and made it easier on the farmer. I have used my skills in building things to help the AG. department at our school and am always open to help someone

group work

I have helped on multiple farms working with others and have learned many things from these people. I do well on group projects at school and helping others with things that I may be more confident with.


Ihave been in 4-h for almost as long as you can be in it for, while in 4-h the farm i work on has raised a reserve grand champion pig, and multiple other placing ones. 


I have learned how to use many tools and i have learned how to build and fix many things and I already know how a farm works, the different aspects, and almost all the things you can't learn in college you just have to learn with experience

work ethic

I have worked on a farm for many years and along the way i have picked up a work ethic that will allow me to succeed in college and my career