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Work experience

Mar 2013Nov 2013

Crew Trainer


My main responsibilities involved taking customers orders, getting the food to the customers, training new crew members, and putting the truck up. This was my first real job outside of working at my dad's gas station, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment in keeping a good drive time, making sure the customers were happy, and actively seeking out new responsibilities. I think the highlight of my time at McDonald's was when a customer gave me a $10 tip remarking how I was the most polite worker she had ever encountered at the establishment.

Jan 2014Feb 2014

Food Server

Pei Wei

I took the food out to the patrons and bussed tables. This was a short lived job. I wanted a job at the time, but my lack of transportation mixed in with my busy schedule at school made it difficult to keep up with it.

Jul 2014Present

Crew Member

Raising Cane's

My current job. My main tasks at Cane's are to cook the food and make sure that the kitchen runs smoothly. I am also able to work the front of house if need be. I enjoy the almost family like bond that I have built with my fellow crew members over the past 11 months and have matured immensely during my time here thanks to the responsibilities placed on me. I hope to keep rising up through the company for as long as I am employed at Raising Cane's.



High School Diploma

Sachse High School

I graduated with Honors from Sachse High School in the 2014. I also graduated as a Texas Scholar due to my outstanding PSAT scores placing me in the top 150 scores in the Garland Independent School District. I wass also on Varsity Track my senior year.

Closing Remarks

In closing, I am intelligent, disciplined, and good at what I do. I have an impressive academic  record. I have lost 85 pounds in the last year. I think that shows that I know how to do exactly what I need to to get the results that are necessary. I am one of the best in the Kitchen and great whenever I am upfront. I think it is time that I move on to the next stage in my career at Raising Cane's.

About ME

My name is Jacob Kamali, and I believe that I am perfect for this job. I am intelligent and a natural leader. I am one of the best kitchen workers at 173. I feel that I already have the skills necessary for a Bird Specialist and a Crew Trainer. I would like to move up the ladder as much as I can during my time at Raising Cane's, and this job is the next rung.


Mariam Rasmus/ Employer

Baby sat for her every now and then over the past couple years


Santos Delarosa/Manager

Manager at McDonald's


Ricci Baylor/ Master Sergeant

Family friend. Has given me a lot of guidance in my life.